How Much Does an Olympic Athlete Eat?

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, much was made of Michael Phelps' alleged 12,000-calorie-a-day training diet. ("Never had that been true!" Michael protested recently on Twitter...and he has admitted he doesn't eat that monumental amount of food as he's training for this year's Games.) Hype aside, there's no question that Olympians require special fuel to keep them training and competing at the optimal levels required for international sports competition. ...more
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Made In America

By: Becky

The Crazy Train Olympics

 I have to admit that I'm not much of a fan of televised sports.  Not even the Olympics arouses my interest much....more

Sometimes Losing is the Lesson

Can we talk kids sports for a minute? It’s the Olympics after all, and those athletes likely started young. I have a love-hate relationship with kids sports. First the love – they keep kids active – and equally as important – out of the house. They help kids improve their coordination, foster their sense of teamwork, and learn the importance of healthy bodies. On the downside, they are expensive, they require you to be an on-call chauffeur, and they are a huge time suck. Oh yes, and have I mentioned the sports parents?...more
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National Pride

As the Olympics have been going on, I'm reminded of something that was a huge part of my childhood but seems to have disappeared from our nation today.I'm talking about national pride.  I vividly remember my dad waking us up at 4 a.m. to watch the Apollo lift offs.  The Olympics were mandatory viewing and I don't think we ever missed a 4th of July parade.  I was taught to stand when the flag went by.  We were also taught to stand in respect when the VFW passed....more

Golden Girls

USA Women's Gymnastics  ...more

No Olympian Left Behind

The 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing now.  You have to hide under a rock to avoid finding out how the contenders are fairing.  The social not-working sites are abuzz with all the stats, successes, failures, and highlights of the events.  Even in my house, the girls are playing "Yimpics" complete with "stwetching", "simming" and "dibing".  And, it's breathtaking to watch these athletes.  This is the moment they have trained for their entire lives.  Years of coaching, trials, competitions, exercise, no desserts, no social life nothing but preparation to get...more

What It's Like Inside Olympic Park

The 2012 Olympics have begun, and after weeks of worrying about everything from security to traffic to the weather, the British are finally starting to relax, cheer Team GB on and enjoy the games they've spent seven years preparing for. I've been vacationing in the UK for almost a month now, and I've seen the level of excitement increase each and every week....more

Olympic Fever

I love the Olympics.  They make you feel and do strange things, such as: (1) Mutter to yourself, after a bottle of Vegetable oil topples out of the top cabinet, “Oh man.  So close.  It sucks to fall.” (2)  Hold your head up high and prance around on the pads of your feet as you walk across the kitchen floor towards the trash to dump used coffee grounds.  Because you normally walk that way and all. ...more

Why I Could Never Be An Olympic Parent

There’s a great commercial showing during the Olympic games.I watch that and my heart catches in my throat and my eyes start to water.  It’s a series of incredibly touching images.  And it’s true, that no matter how old our children get, we’ll always see them as our babies....more