Gold Medal Style: Olympic Looks Through the Ages

Ahhh, the Summer Olympics. Time to gather the family around the TV, pop open some fizzy drinks, and MAKE FUN OF ATHLETES' OUTFITS. Because that's what sports are really about, right? I mean, why else would The Lakers have worn hot pants when I was growing up? ...more
I really enjoyed the pictures and the fashion. We need to thank Roots for bringing Olympic ...more

Get Social During the Summer London Olympic Games

It's finally happening this Friday. After what seemed like 6 months of hype, the London Summer Olympics officially begin this Friday, July 27. I think this may be the most "social" Olympics, yet. I am super excited for this because I LOVE the Summer Olympic Games! Here are some ways to get social during the London 2012 Summer Olympics.Olympic Athletes HubFacebook ...more

Teaching Tuesday

Unit Studies are becoming increasingly popular in the homeschooling community.The ability to choose a particular topic or subject to study and having many (if not all) subjects covered within the unit, make it a very nice option!We will be using many unit studies this upcoming school year. I have created some of my own, and have purchased some as well....more

U.S. Olympic Uniforms Made in China? What, Your Clothes Aren’t?

[UPDATE 7/14/12: In response to criticism, the U.S. Olympic Committee has announced that Team USA Ralph Lauren uniforms for the 2014 Winter Games will be made in America. --Grace] This year’s U.S. Olympic team will be wearing uniforms that are red, white, and blue -- and made in China....more
I believe that the Olympic uniform controversy presented us with a wonderful opportunity to ...more

Celebrating Olympics with Kids

The 2012 summer Olympics are taking place in London, England July 27th through August 12th. The events feature twenty six sports including swimming, basketball, track and field, cycling and gymnastics. Two hundred countries have at least one athlete competing in the games....more

Internet Shows Love for Sarah Robles, America’s Strongest Woman

As recently as a few decades ago, Olympic athletes were bound by rules of competition that forbade them from making money from their sport, part of the International Olympic Committee's commitment outdated ideal of an amateur athlete. Those rules were phased out starting in the 1970s, and now we have gone so far in the other direction that many Olympic athletes now pull millions of dollars from endorsements. Off the top of my head I can think of Michael Phelps, Lolo Jones, Hope Solo, Marlen Esparza, Nastia Liukin, and Ryan Lochte. ...more
This is an awesome post about a mostly (unsung) hero of the Olympics.  Wonderful showcase ...more

Go For the Gold in Olympics Fashion

The Olympics is the one event in which the entire world participates. It is a time when we come together to celebrate our cultures, our similarities, and even our differences. We marvel at the athletic endeavors of people from our own and other countries....more

The Pain of Suffering from a Loss!

How do you recover yourself after you loose at something you have trained for over many months and perhaps years?     Cece does not usually watch the NBA  finals....more

It’s Jocks vs. The Geeks Again: Thanks US Olympics Committee – Nobody Likes A Bully!

Jocks vs. the geeks. Men vs. women. The powerful vs. the weak. Though laws are meant to help protect people, seems our world never grows up and invariably "law" is used as a beating stick against those whom it was meant to protect....more

Making the Olympic Team: An Unrealized Dream

It was August 16, 2005, 151 days before the 2006 U.S. Olympic figure skating team would be announced, and my head was buried deep in a toilet bowl.  Bulimia had taken over. Again....more
What a touching story, thank you for sharing your experience, your downfalls and your strength. ...more