Driven to Excess: The Cost of Going for Gold

The glorification of ripped abs, muscular physiques and magazine-worthy bodies leaves many athletes vulnerable to disordersed behavior, including eating disorders. Not surprisingly, research shows that the personality traits needed to become a top-performing athlete are also the building blocks for Anorexia Nervosa. High expectations, perfectionism, competitiveness and drive can spiral into excessive, ritualistic exercise, distorted body image, tendencies toward depression, and preoccupations with weight and dieting. ...more
Hi this is my first blog with Blog Her website and I have noticed alot of interesting topics ...more

We All Carry One

We all carry torches. The key is identifying what torches we carry.Mother's carry one for each child. Wives carry one for a spouse. Each person carries those for parents, or lack thereof, grandparents or their non-existence, and so on down up the ancestral line. Just think of all those flames....more

NaBloPoMo Day 11

Everyone was talking about the date today, and a lot of Facebook chatter seemed to be focused on making three wishes...  If you could make three wishes what would they be...?...more

BlogHer vs The 2012 Olympics

In August 2010, my twitter timeline literally exploded with people excited to be going to #BlogHer10.  My timeline continued to be littered with tweets, twitpics, links to blogposts about #BlogHer10. I saw lots of fun photos, and decided that I really wanted to go to the next #BlogHer event....more

Strong Women: Sarah Bertram

This is the third post in a series about exceptional women in Eugene....more

Hey International Olympic Committee-Your Words Are Not Enough!

By Nikki Dryden, Canadian Olympic Swimmer and Attorney. Sport, unlike anything else, brings the world together, has the power to change lives for the better, and is truly universal. “It has an almost unmatched role to play in promoting understanding, healing wounds, mobilizing support for social causes, and breaking down barriers”, says former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who believes that sport has the power to breakdown “myths and prejudices.” He also notes that athletes as well as sports organizations are critical in “unifying societies torn apart by conflict, tackling prejudices...and in breaking down gender inequality.”...more

We have to be in control of our own destiny. With the NCAA, with this, we are always going to be ...more

Are Female Athletes Woman Enough To Compete?

A lot has been written recently about the International Association of Athletics Federation, the governing body for track and field, and the new policy they've drafted to deal with female athletes who have excessive levels of male hormones. ...more

What really bugs me is the thinking behind this.

Women are considered naturally incapable. ...more


(VIDEO) Olympic Hopeful Marathoner Sally Meyerhoff Killed in Bike Accident

Sally was a lifelong runner, and her most recent accomplishment was winning the PF Chang Rock & Roll marathon in Arizona on January 17th this year. She is the first woman to ever win this race. Sadly, earlier this week at the age of 27, Sally’s life was cut short when she was killed in a bicycle accident. ...more

This post made me so sad -- my heart goes out to her family.

And that quote is perfect and it ...more