Are Female Athletes Woman Enough To Compete?

A lot has been written recently about the International Association of Athletics Federation, the governing body for track and field, and the new policy they've drafted to deal with female athletes who have excessive levels of male hormones. ...more

What really bugs me is the thinking behind this.

Women are considered naturally incapable. ...more

(VIDEO) Olympic Hopeful Marathoner Sally Meyerhoff Killed in Bike Accident

Sally was a lifelong runner, and her most recent accomplishment was winning the PF Chang Rock & Roll marathon in Arizona on January 17th this year. She is the first woman to ever win this race. Sadly, earlier this week at the age of 27, Sally’s life was cut short when she was killed in a bicycle accident. ...more

This post made me so sad -- my heart goes out to her family.

And that quote is perfect and it ...more

Olympic Champion Yu-Na Kim Falters, Loses Crown to Rival Mao Asada

I always enjoy the World Figure Skating Championships just following the Olympics because the Olympic champions typically drop out and there tends to be a surprise winner in Olympic years. In 2006, American Kimmie Meissner came from a 6th place finish in Torino and won Worlds. This year, Worlds was back in Torino following the Vancouver games, unusually with all of the top ladies from the Olympics except Joannie Rochette contending for gold. ...more

Logan's Run & Closing Ceremonies

"God, anthems are windy!", my husband Jay said as we were watching the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I had my nose glued to Geekologie on the laptop, so I wasn't really paying attention and said, "is that Oh Canada again?...more

The Olympic Hangover: Recapping the 2010 Winter Games

I think I have an Olympic hangover. I'm not joking. I am exhausted. I watched more events this year than I have during a winter Olympics than I have since I had the chicken pox during the 1984 winter games in Sarajevo. ...more

Yes!  I too have Olympic Withdrawl!  I watched and watched and watched.  I ...more

Girls Can't Be Girls: Canadian Women's Hockey Team Knocked for Drinking, Smoking on Ice

I love it that the Canadian women's hockey team celebrated their third straight Olympic gold win in the same way they scored it:  boldly, fiercely, with strength and camaraderie.  I hate it that they are getting grief for it. I hate it that they (or Hockey Canada, at least) felt they had to apologize. ...more

Yup-Bang on! You said it very well indeed.


Olympic Ladies Make History on Ice

Usually when the Olympics come around, I have a favorite skater  in each event. This year, my favorites won in each of the three events preceding the ladies. But once the final group of ladies took the ice, I realized I really just wanted them all to skate their best. Having written about all of them for so long, I know all of their stories. As a skater myself, I just wanted to share in their enjoyment of the sport and their Olympic moments. ...more

All of  the ladies did a spectacular job in the finals and should be proud of what they ...more

Winter Olympics: Canadian Women Own the Podium

You might have seen it on a T-shirt. Or perhaps you've heard a Canadian woman declare it. We now have proof, though -- Canadian women really do kick ass. To date in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canadian women have won 13.5 of Canada's 17 medals. ...more

And I didn't even *see* that whole apology thing until a couple of hours ago. Yes, own the ...more