Why the Olympics Make Me Cry

Why do the Olympic stories and competitions make me tearful? Are the young, beautiful athletes striving to do their personal best to win a medal more than an athletic competition?...more

What Does Snowboarding Have in Common with the Burpee Garden Catalog?

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Absolutely nothing. But I was looking at them simultaneously yesterday and I thought you'd appreciate the contrast. These mogul-hopping, mop-haired daredevils were braving the brutal artic winds while these juicy, red tomatoes and gaudy, striped petunias were leaping off the page at me. I wasn't watching the Olympics in my living room, but sitting below a "mountain" in Minnesota, leafing through a catalog I found in the car, while my husband was kicking the tires on a rust-riddled "88 Beemer. ...more

Rochette Positioned for Olympic Podium Days After Mother's Untimely Death

Vancouver 2010 hasn't been the constant high that usually comes with the Olympic Games. With the death of the Georgian luge competitor before the opening ceremonies began, a dark cloud formed over Vancouver that hasn't quite departed yet. As many have already heard, Canadian ladies' figure skating champion, Joannie Rochette, lost her mother to a heart attack earlier this week. ...more

First, how amazing was Joannie Rochette?  I hope she can keep it together tonight to at ...more

Canada, the Olympics and the Future of Women's Hockey

There is perhaps no Olympic event that is more discussed across Canada than Olympic hockey. Can the women bring home gold on our own ice? Can the men redeem themselves after a seventh place finish at the Torino Olympics? ...more


Mainly because there is so much pressure on Yzerman and I can't stand ...more

Top Five Tuesday - Olympic Porns!

As much as we love Canada, we're rooting for the good old US of A during the 2010 Winter Olympics and what better way to show our support than with a Top Five Tuesday ode to our athletes! ...more

It's called GLOBAL warming

I’m not a scientist. I’m not a talk show host. I’m not a meteorologist. I’m a mom, and I’m an American living in Canada. You know, Canada? The country hosting the Winter Olympics? The ones where they have had to postpone events due to the unusually warm weather? The place where it’s rumored we live in igloos? It’s called Global warming….not just U.S. warming....more

A Vancouverites Thoughts on 2010

(The original post can be found here)...more

Olympics 2010: Russian Ice Dancers Dress Like Aborigines, Gall Australia

It's officially Winter Olympics time again. Tomorrow the torch makes its way to Vancouver and the Opening Ceremony will showcase incredible athletes from around the world in a glorious celebration of cross-cultural unity. Well, mostly. ...more

I agree it would be nice if something good could come out of it.  It would a pity if it ...more