Canada, the Olympics and the Future of Women's Hockey

There is perhaps no Olympic event that is more discussed across Canada than Olympic hockey. Can the women bring home gold on our own ice? Can the men redeem themselves after a seventh place finish at the Torino Olympics? ...more


Mainly because there is so much pressure on Yzerman and I can't stand ...more

Dreams of Olympic Glory

Top Five Tuesday - Olympic Porns!

As much as we love Canada, we're rooting for the good old US of A during the 2010 Winter Olympics and what better way to show our support than with a Top Five Tuesday ode to our athletes! ...more

It's called GLOBAL warming

I’m not a scientist. I’m not a talk show host. I’m not a meteorologist. I’m a mom, and I’m an American living in Canada. You know, Canada? The country hosting the Winter Olympics? The ones where they have had to postpone events due to the unusually warm weather? The place where it’s rumored we live in igloos? It’s called Global warming….not just U.S. warming....more

A Vancouverites Thoughts on 2010

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Olympics 2010: Russian Ice Dancers Dress Like Aborigines, Gall Australia

It's officially Winter Olympics time again. Tomorrow the torch makes its way to Vancouver and the Opening Ceremony will showcase incredible athletes from around the world in a glorious celebration of cross-cultural unity. Well, mostly. ...more

I agree it would be nice if something good could come out of it.  It would a pity if it ...more

Reading Your Way to the Podium: Books about the Olympics

The Olympics are the stuff that dreams are made of, so it's no surprise that some of those stories have been made into books and movies for our entertainment. Unsurprisingly, books are my favorite way to escape into these inspiring stories. Much like Theresie Tungilik, I learned the basics of my Olympics knowledge at school....more

We Believe

Other than the fact that the SAINTS won the freaking Super Bowl...the next best thing about the televised game is always the commercials, right? NOT in Canada. Instead, during every single commerical break, and we all know there are a lot of them, we heard promo after promo like the one above. As if we didn't know the Olympics are in CANADA. Okay, we GET IT. WE BELIEVE. The Olympics are starting this coming Friday...did you know that???...more

Thanks! My friends back in the states said they were quite dull. Thank goodness for You Tube. ...more

Legally-blind Skier Brian McKeever to Compete on Canadian Olympic Team

I don't normally watch cross-country skiing, but I will be during the 2010 Olympics. I'll be cheering for my fellow Canadian Brian McKeever, the first athlete to compete at both the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics in the same year. You see, Brian McKeever is legally blind. ...more

New U.S. Figure Skating Champion Crowned and Ready to Lead Ladies to the Olympics

Last night, the top American ladies took competitive ice for the last time before the Olympics. With only two spots available on this year's team and arguably at least six skaters who could place in the top ten in Vancouver, it was all about who would skate cleanly, perform her best and rack up the most points. And as always, the unpredictability kept the audience on their feet. ...more

As I watched  Mirai Nagasu skate her long program, she was so beautiful. passionate, ...more