Reading Your Way to the Podium: Books about the Olympics

The Olympics are the stuff that dreams are made of, so it's no surprise that some of those stories have been made into books and movies for our entertainment. Unsurprisingly, books are my favorite way to escape into these inspiring stories. Much like Theresie Tungilik, I learned the basics of my Olympics knowledge at school....more

We Believe

Other than the fact that the SAINTS won the freaking Super Bowl...the next best thing about the televised game is always the commercials, right? NOT in Canada. Instead, during every single commerical break, and we all know there are a lot of them, we heard promo after promo like the one above. As if we didn't know the Olympics are in CANADA. Okay, we GET IT. WE BELIEVE. The Olympics are starting this coming Friday...did you know that???...more

Thanks! My friends back in the states said they were quite dull. Thank goodness for You Tube. ...more

Legally-blind Skier Brian McKeever to Compete on Canadian Olympic Team

I don't normally watch cross-country skiing, but I will be during the 2010 Olympics. I'll be cheering for my fellow Canadian Brian McKeever, the first athlete to compete at both the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics in the same year. You see, Brian McKeever is legally blind. ...more

New U.S. Figure Skating Champion Crowned and Ready to Lead Ladies to the Olympics

Last night, the top American ladies took competitive ice for the last time before the Olympics. With only two spots available on this year's team and arguably at least six skaters who could place in the top ten in Vancouver, it was all about who would skate cleanly, perform her best and rack up the most points. And as always, the unpredictability kept the audience on their feet. ...more

As I watched  Mirai Nagasu skate her long program, she was so beautiful. passionate, ...more

Big Skating News: Sasha Cohen's Back, Dazzling U.S. Nationals

Remember Sasha Cohen? She made the U.S. Olympic team in 2002 and finished fourth, just behind Michelle Kwan. In 2006, she was the Olympic favorite and she took home the silver medal. She hasn't competed since the 2006 World Championships and now she's back, looking like she never left competitive figure skating. picapp_gallery("898368","7616964,7616957,7616963,7616969,7616965,7617059,7616881,7617702,7616877","","1","1","2") ...more

So thanks to lame tape delay by the TV networks, the results are already in for Nationals and ...more

In Grand Prix Final Marred by Mistakes, Kim Lands On Top

In the only major match-up of top figure skaters in the world since last year's World Championships, I felt somewhat let down.  Many of the ladies I felt have the strongest chance at a surprise podium position in Vancouver were not even at the Grand Prix Final this week, and those who were did not skate their best.  I hope they all get this out of their systems, because the clock's ticking.  Ladies take the ice February 23rd in Vancouver....more

Hi, Sarah! I love figure skating, too!

I'd like recommend two videos of very very ...more

Going Into the Grand Prix Final, A Preview of Olympic Figure Skating Contenders

Each year, the Grand Prix Final takes place a month or so before the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Next week, the event will be held in Tokyo, Japan. The final is comprised of the four figure skating areas - ladies, men, pairs and ice dance - and competitors must qualify through winning medals at a series of six events....more

I look forward to following more of you Olympics coverage!!


Beth ...more

Will the Triple-Triple Be the Winning Combination?

Jumping has never been my strong point as a figure skater. I was always a spinner, and I was good with musical expression, so I always describe the sport to others as requiring a little bit of everything - especially now with the new judging system. But great spins don't make or break Olympic champions. Jumps do. Especially triples and triple combinations. Triple-triples add up to a lot of points....more

Interesting post. I do love seeing a few killer jumps here and there, but I have to agree ...more

Canadian Favorite Wins Skate Canada on Rocky Road to Vancouver

I remember arriving late to a local competition one year and asking a friend afterward how her skate went. She replied, "I cleaned the ice." Perplexed for a moment, I didn't know what to say, but she explained that she fell so many times there was essentially no need for a Zamboni. Ouch. Maybe the rink was cursed for the ladies skating in Kitchener, Ontario because in the Free Skate, they cleaned the ice....more

Olympic Mittens - the hottest and hardest thing to find in Canada

Take one part Olympic fever, one part the realities of a Canadian winter, one part philanthropy and one part Canadian patriotism all rolled up in red wool and what do you get? Canada's obsession with the Canadian 2010 Olympic mittens. ...more