Ten Reasons to Watch (& Love) Figure Skating

Everybody needs a good top ten list. Here's mine... ten reasons to watch (and love) figure skating: 1. Athleticism. You try doing a triple axel. No really... go ahead! 2. Drama. No, not the Tanya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan kind. I'm talking about the emotional depth and dramatic performance by some of the world's best actors on ice. ...more

A Few Surprises at Skate America

Every Olympic season, skaters up the ante and the best of the best come out to play, 2010 being no exception. This weekend, some of the top competitors competed at the Cancer.Net Skate America event in Lake Placid, NY, the fifth in the Grand Prix series, a carefully planned collection of international events across the globe that lead to one final event where only the top skaters compete having qualified by medaling at each of the individual Grand Prix events....more

Get Ready for the Olympic Figure Skating Season

As if I was a newbie blogger rather than a seven year veteran, I nearly concluded the title of this post with an exclamation point because I'm so excited about this Olympic figure skating season. This weekend, I resume covering figure skating here at BlogHer, starting with Skate America, culminating with the Olympic Games in February and the World Championships in March.  We have some amazing skaters to watch, so I wanted to give everyone a preview....more

Maria - you hit the nail on the head there - I've been thinking a lot about the lack of flow ...more

Let the Winter Games begin, two bloggers to win trip to the Vancouver Games!

Calling all student and women bloggers! Pull your long underwear out of storage...   ...more

Women's Sports in The Olympics: Boxing In, Softball and Ski-Jumping Out

Do you ever feel like barring figure skating, gymnastics and maybe tennis women's sports are constantly fighting an uphill battle? Last week it was announced that women's boxing would be included in the 2012 Olympics. ...more

Really?  I don't care either way because I'm not into boxing.  And yet they left out baseball ...more

Biological Gender Questioned of Athlete, Caster Semenya

18-year-old Caster Semenya of South Africa, won the Women’s 800 Meter in the World Championships by a long shot over other female contenders. ...more

That has to be absolutely humiliating for that poor woman.  Imagine what that must feel like ...more

From Maine to Washington, on horseback.

Last week we had an unexpected visitor at the farm, a woman riding horseback across the country looking for a nice place to take a rest. She and her horses Mercury & Wolf stayed two days before they continued on west to Washington state.Here she is, showing her horses to water at the creek. She was a very nice woman, I imagine it would take a lot of strength & a lot of good old fashioned guts to do what she's doing. I'm not sure everyone is as trusting or as hospitable as we'd like to think either. ...more

Kim Yu-Na's Record-Shattering Win Makes Her the 2010 Olympic Favorite

The ladies' final event at the World Championships always comes with surprises.  This year, it was Kim Yu-Na who swept us off our feet Saturday with the most incredible score of any woman yet, and Mao Asada who showed that amazing triple axel isn't enough in the new judging system. ...more

Thanks for sharing.more

Michael Phelps: Crime and Punishment

When we put people way up high on a pedestal, the only thing we can know for certain is that they will eventually fall.  Here in America, we tend to have expectations for our public figures that we ourselves cannot even begin to live up to, essentially setting them up for certain failure.  We tend to forget that no one is perfect, not even a record setting, Olympic gold-medalist.  But oh, how we want them to be. Michael Phelps, darling of the swimming pool, winner of eight gold medals, hero and role-model for children everywhere was photographed smoking pot at a ...more

In a Talented Field, Alissa Czisny Wins 2009 U.S. Figure Skating Gold

This past week in Cleveland, the U.S. Figure Skating Championships took place, featuring an incredibly talented array of women vying for four medals and two spots on the World team.  Notably missing were former U.S. and World champion, Kimmie Meissner, and last year's silver medalist, Emily Hughes, both out due to injury.  But if there's a year to miss, it's this year since next year's winners will determine the Olympic team. ...more

I didn't get to see Nationals, but Stars on Ice was in town last week and there were some ...more