On the Unavoidable Emergence of Women’s Leadership: feminism, TED lectures, and how Einstein Got it Right.... on Women Of Green

For more than three decades, Elizabeth Lesser has worked with leading figures in the field of healing self and society. In 1977, she started the highly respected Omega Institute of Holistic Studies which she envisioned, along with co-founder Stephan Rechtschaffen, as a dynamic “university of life” designed to foster personal growth and social change....more

Current trend in the culinary field toward better nutrition

I think that we becoming more aware of “good” versus “bad” foods as the information is presented to us. Years ago, some of us had understood that margarine (some contained hydrogenated or trans fats) was, for example, better for us than butter. Now, research tells us that hydrogenated (trans) fats are not good for us and that eating limited amounts of saturated fats (butter) is the better choice. Others argued ...more