One or Five

Here I am three days out from the release of The One, by Kiera Cass. Honestly, I am now reading for the second time to my nine year old daughter. She is a fan of The Selection and The Elite therefore it is befitting we finish the series together. All and all I give The One five stars. However, there are a few flaws when reading with a nine year old....more

The Search for Mr. Fabulous: Letting Go of the Past

Originially published on As We Write It....more

The Problem With Soulmates

Lovers are two rivers that have met, different but now flowing in the same direction. We don't know what will break our trajectory -- or if anything will. It doesn't matter; eventually, we'll all feed the sea. The beauty of romance isn't in an elusive forever just as the beauty of humanity isn't in an elusive heaven. It's in the fact that right now, at this moment, it's me and it's him. ...more
Funnily enough, my definition of a soulmate has nothing to do with romance. And is certainly not ...more

My Soulmate

I was reading Mariel Hemingway's book finding my balance and I've heard this many times before in one version or another. About what it's like when we find our soul mates. I've always heard that time stops or slows down and you instantly know you are going to marry that person one day. And that's exactly the way I felt when I met my fiancé. I first saw him 7 almost 8 years ago. We went to the same school. He was walking out of the building and all of a sudden it was like time just stopped or slowed down and all I could focus on was him. I remember ...more

thanks. I would think europeans where more romantic for some reason. Me and my guy are diffrent ...more