30 Things I'll miss about the first year

My baby turns one today.Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was laying on the couch practically in tears because I was soooo ready for her to be born?Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was falling asleep on my shoulder with those squishy cheeks and all eight of her chins?...more

Is One The Loneliest Number?

She is enjoying her life with her husband. They have a lovely and tidy apartment, a good routine, and a great dog. She has time for cooking meals she enjoys, going out with friends, and blogging about her passions. Where do children fit into all of this? Ashley Lauren tackles the question of whether she wants to change the way things are. She knows one thing: when it comes to kids, IF they have any, they're only having one. They learned that from their dog. ...more

I didnt want to be a Mom until the month before I conceived and 18 years on it is the best ...more

We Are Family

” We are Fam-A-Lee  [yea yea yea]….my brotha’s and my sista’s and me! “ I have to admit, in the past, anytime I saw the words ‘we are family’ written anywhere, the Sister Sledge song immediately came to mind. But today, something different and profound has been happening to me, maybe to you too. ...more