My Unmonsterish Halloween - Day 96 of ONE GOOD DEED

  Geez, remember how far in advance you got Halloween costumes when you were little? How many times you tried it on (store bought or handmade) beforehand? And then, the biggest worry of all: Would your parents make you wear a sweater over it? So here was my promise to myself today: to comment on the costume of every kid I saw. I’d already had some practice about six weeks ago, when a little girl came into the store in a Supergirl costume, shiny red skirt and all....more

All I'm Asking Is: Don't Be a Pig -- Day 92 of ONE GOOD DEED

There’s piggy, and then there’s gross.Here’s piggy:Today I was at Starbucks and went to pick up my Pumpkin Spice Latte at the end of the counter. I put my hand down and ugh! sticky, tacky coffee spill. OK, that’s bound to happen over and over at a coffee shop. I try to clean it up as best I can (yes, people, I did spit on my hand to clean it, but not on the napkin I used to clean the counter)....more

Aunt Tessie and the Contest Entry Form - Day 89 of ONE GOOD DEED

 “I need you to do me a favor,” said Aunt Tessie. She held an envelope in her hand. A trip to the post office, I figured. Nothing to it. “Sure,” says me, with a soupcon of largesse. What a fool I was. She handed it over, and it was like being served with a subpoena.  Publishers Clearing House. “It says I’m a guaranteed winner,” Tessie beamed. We looked closer. “Actually,” I told her, “It says someone in this probably-about-six-million-people mailing is a winner.” “Well, it still could be me. Would you figure all this out and enter for me?”...more

The Baby Carriage - Day 85 of ONE GOOD DEED

 This morning, exiting the subway, one woman with a stroller was left behind. Everyone brushed passed her, not even pausing to hold open the door. So I stopped, kept it open so she could slip through, and offered to help her carry her daughter up the stairs in her stroller. A warning: Kids are much heavier than they look. Or used to be. Whatever. Up on the street, I poked the baby. “You,” I wheezed, “are much heavier than you look.” No response. Kids these days!   Share the burden. ...more

Light a candle - Day 84 of ONE GOOD DEED

It’s a symbol more than anything else. My religious beliefs are uncertain. Nevertheless, I find it familiar and comforting to be there. Today I went to church to light a candle....more