The Layers of Racism...It's Like an Onion, Really

Look, I get it, I really do. Some poor schmoe who gets paid like two cents a tweet for The Onion made a bad decision.And it was really bad.But I see where he was going. Taking the sweetest, most innocent, freshest and possibly most talented face at the Oscars--someone who was beyond reproach (because that is what would make the joke funny)--and using the crassest language possible to point out the error in the ways in which the Oscars are both produced and reported....more

Freedom of Speech - Even For The Awful Things

There were two different types of tweeting happening during the 85th Academy Awards.   Those that were interested in tweeting uplifting and positive things about the people, dresses, looks and general festivities and those who wanted to tear everything apart and tweet nothing but "snark and shock" to get a reaction.  Satirical website,  The Onion, won that contest hands down with the worst tweet of the night.  While I refuse to repost it because I think it was vile and disgusting, I will tell you that it referred to 9-year old nominee Quvenz...more
Freedom of speech means that the government cannot police what people say. It has nothing to do ...more

It is NOT okay.

I could go off on a tangent about how much the Oscars sucked this year, how Seth MacFarlane is a disgusting pig, or how stupid it was this year, but instead I'll focus on what is sure to be the main topic in feminist (and news) sites all over in the next few hours:...more