Good News About Advertising and Consumer Interaction for 2011

Here is an article by Bob Speyer that reports the growing trends in advertising and consumer interaction.By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team Multiple sources report that the economy is in an upswing. Major advertisers report a 6% increase in spending, but more significantly, about 40% of Americans indicate that the economy is improving! Our friends at HubSpot have compiled an anthology of reports about advertising in various mediums and we want to share the positive news with our readers. Here is Part One of our summary:...more

Janette Leon-Speyer

Facebook Sponsored Stories: A Brilliant Idea or Consumer Abuse?

Anyone working in marketing and advertising today knows how powerful recommendations from people we know can be, and it was only a matter of time before a social network began to seriously capitalize on that. And why not? For most of us, this kind of content is already on our social media profiles. That's the logic behind Facebook’s new advertising offering "Sponsored Stories," anyway. ...more

Moms Opts for Adbirds over Craigslist: Safe, Friendly, Fast & Green

It's hard to imagine the pre-Craigslist days. Can you even remember how you sold a slightly used bicycle or a stroller or a car? Nowadays you have some options when it comes to selling your old treasures online and if you haven't tried Adbirds yet, you need to give the site a test-drive. ...more

How to Select the Right Online Marketing Conference for Your Business

One of my all time favorite movies is Rodney Dangerfield’s, Back to School, about a father who returns to attend college along side his son. While the parallels are not even, the dawning of the Internet Age has left us wide-eyed and scrambling to attend an online marketing event and monetize our knowledge. ...more

Web Success Team

There’s a new marketing tool in town you should know about. It’s in Beta testing but it is not only free but produces mountains of great marketing information to help you improve your website....more

Interview with Jonathan Rivers, Executive VP of AdJuggler

AdJuggler (originally covered here) is an ad serving and management system which targets small and medium-sized publishers.  Jonathan Rivers, Executive Vice President, took a few minutes to explain how AdJuggler is different from the big ad serving companies like DoubleClick and what the future holds for the company.... ...more

Types of Online Advertising

Advertising online can increase your brand awareness and promote a product/service. Online advertising has a major advantage over other types of advertising (tv, radio, print) because it is very easy to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns. In a series of posts, I’ll discuss the different types of advertising, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to measure their effectiveness. In this post, let's review the types of online advertising.... ...more