A book club I wouldn't buy into (but would you?)

Last week, I read an item in the Shelf Awareness e-newsletter about a new online book club. The club would charge members $15-$30 for such perks as being supplied with publisher’s galleys (also called “advance reader’s copies” or ARCs) four to six months in advance of a book's publication, an online discussion forum, and participating in author chats - and according to the club’s founders, publishers are going for it. This endeavor is being launched on a pilot basis by the women’s website wowOwow.com and was the subject of a Forbes.com blog post, which was picked up by Shelf Awareness....more

But I'm also not a blog tour person either. And I accept very few ARCs. I just don't enjoy the ...more

How To Get Published, Part 10: Be Your Own Publicist

Books work with the same thought. If you cold-call the reader, for example, just setting it on the table in the bookstore and hope they pick it up, 99 times out of 100, they will walk on by without glancing at it unless it has a remarkable cover or title. But if you saw reviews and ads and met the writer in passing at a conference, chances are, when you bump into that book down the road, you'll be more likely to give it a try. Therefore, the marketing wheels need to be turning early-on in order to catch the crowds right at the book's release. ...more

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