Online Bullying

Online bullying is a real problem.  I have had it done to me countless times, don't let it happen to you.  If you see something, say something.Xx, KellyKelly

The Trouble with Trolls

I’ve been thinking about trolls lately.No, sadly, not the fluffy, neon-haired bejewelled belly button type (what a weird fad that was).I’ve been thinking more about the type who prowl the internet looking for unmoderated forums to spew bilious, hateful trash. You know, the ones you encounter when, against your better judgement you think, “I’ll just quickly scroll down to the comment section of this thoughtful piece of writing or this heartfelt video.”...more

We're Adults, So Stop Bullying Me Online!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,A woman I've known online for years has recently started bullying me. She leaves fairly nasty comments on all of my Facebook and Twitter updates. She's not overtly mean, but she says things in a passive-aggressive way, like: "I remember when those pants were in style! Good for you for bringing them back!" when I post a selfie. I'm a little scared of her, to be honest, because she has no filter and is maybe not altogether sane. How can I distance myself from her without her noticing?Signed,Am I in Junior High Again?!...more
This is just pure insecurity on her part. It is a terrible thing what women put other women ...more

The Absolute Importance of Teaching Your Kids Online Manners

My daughter told me that she was being cyber-bullied. After she told me what happened, it wasn't really cyber-bullying, but I would say it's pretty mean. Apparently a girl at school used Instagram to put up a vote of my daughter ("if you don't like her, click yes") and another friend told my daughter about it....more
I totally agree with you. It's difficult and heartbreaking to sit back and watch our ...more

On Internet Trolls and the Kindness of Readers

Social media has been a wonderful way to bring people together, reconnect with former classmates, brag about your children and share more information than most people are actually interested in. I’m typically quite entertained by Facebook posts or tweets from clever, funny people. Unfortunately, social media also attracts many who use it as a place to bully, demean, argue, rant, complain, swear, and generally work to make the rest of us miserable. ...more

Don't Become Internet Scum, Son

But, dear son, I hope most of all that you do not turn into the vile creatures that seem to loom in the bottom of the internet. I will love you, of course, because a mother's love is enduring, but I can't say that I will support you. No, I know I will not support you, and I will expect that you will take accountability for your actions should you find yourself mingling with such disgusting scum. Because, yes, that is what they are, these people who lurk in the crevices of the internet and believe their needs trump the basic rights of others. They are scum, and you should know that, first and foremost. ...more