7 Best Practices for Promoting Your Business on Social Media

Social media marketing can be challenging if you are new to the game, and perhaps don’t have the means to retain the services of an in-house specialist. The mere actions of posting ads on facebook or twitter isn’t all it takes to attract and retain followers. To fully tap into the boundless potential of social media requires putting in a lot of time and effort. While also accruing in-depth knowledge of the various platforms you use. To assist you in your quest in realizing your social media marketing projections, the following are 7 best practices you may want to integrate....more

What I learned from my year in business: Don’t give up, Ever!

I decided to start at the top and work my way up.Sometimes things don’t work that way. Let me explain: I decided to make beautiful...more

How Creating an Online Business Can Be Scary + What to Do About It

I woke up scared today.Scared that I was a failure because I hadn’t yet written a blog post.Scared that nobody would care about what I wanted to share.Scared that people would unsubscribe.Scared that I wouldn’t have the persistence to create a business that I love.I’m going to be real with you. When you begin your first steps of creating an online business, you’re going to get scared, too.You’re going to feel like you’re creating this amazing content and then wonder who will even buy it....more

Mompreneur Success: How to Make it Happen Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Mommyhood is indeed special and can have its challenges. But what's even more challenging yet rewarding is being a mompreneur.Moms already wear many hats, and even more than just raising your kids, you are trying your best to build your business all at the same time.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Your commitment is needed in every area of your life and here are some tips that can help you get to the next level of success as a mompreneur.  I like to call these my "mommy success path" tools. Separation...more

Who Owns Your Website?

Sounds like a stupid question. You do, of course… BUT not so fast.You hire a web development firm to develop, design and maintain your website and it should be a slam dunk. Well, things are not so simple. ...more

Running Your Online Business While Traveling to Another Country

Editor’s note: This article was published in 2009 on a trip to South East Asia, were we traveled and ran the Web Success Team while on the go. This is still relevant information. Wi-Fi and Internet cafes are everywhere and with the advent of tablets and smartphones we are able to go anywhere without interruption. Our Web Success team staff writer is presently in Australia and contributing from there....more

My First Time Here

I'm new here, so I won't say much for the time being.However, I did come here to find out more, to learn more about networking from some of the more savvy women using blogging as a business tool, so any suggestions, tips, learning experiences shared will be welcomed whole heartedly by this new blogger....more

Hi! Since I am new here....

Hi!New here and just wanted to get the ball rolling by introducing myself! My name is Melody, and I guess you could say that I am a 'serial' online entrepreneur. I've been earning my living online since 1994, and along with my hubby, we run a couple of hundred websites and web businesses, doing a little bit of everything from affiliate marketing to custom products.My latest project though is not a 'for profit' venture, it is a true 'passion project', called SecondWindEntrepreneurs.org....more