Writing Resources for Any Writer

When a new writer begins down that path of word production for fun and profit, the ocean of websites, forums, etc. looks as large as the Pacific. With a little help from those who're a bit further along in their own row boats, the newbie can begin to sail a surer course toward her goals.Writing doesn't have to cost half the kid's college fund to bankroll. There are plentry of alternatives out there in the world to take advantage of. The cost in time, however, is another story. The business of writing is long and extensive with a thick rope called "learning curve" attached....more

Free lifetime learning

I have a lot of friends in school, who are educators, or who homeschool.On my blog I have started a list of free University courses, Free open textbooks, curriculum for teachers and will be adding additional resources we used when homeschooling... Hope the lists are helpfulhttp://www.dotheimprobable.com/p/info-resource-links.html...more

What I wish I had known about online classes

One of the most challenging parts of being a mother while back in school and taking classes on-line is the scheduling.  What I have found most helpful is pacing my work.  With my online class, at first I read the chapters and immediately took the tests.  The way the grade book numbers looked, I did great studying this way.  Unfortunately, I did not fully understand the “why” behind the information when I handled it this way.  Specifically with Sciences, I have seriously thought about retaking some as an audit course.  ...more