Catch And Release at the Fish Pond - The Trials and Tribulations of Online Dating

After reviewing the defintion of insanity, I decided to take a different approach to dating the last time I was single.  I dipped my freshly pedicured toes into the online dating pool, which turned out to be a lot shallower than I first anticipated. There are definitely a lot of fish in the sea of profiles, faces that blended together after endless scrolling. Over the course of my adventure, I noticed a number of phenomenas/complications that were not a thing when I was dating before I met my ex (possibly because I was 15). ...more

Online Dating - Do's & Don't

As a women today, dating has with it many challenges not faced by the generation before. The old-fashioned way of being fixed up on a date has been replaced by online profiles and dating sites designed on matching single people with each other. Although technology has helped us sift through the population of single partners in order to make a suitable match, there are things you should consider in order to stay safe....more