Tripping on Our Baggage: Why Older Singles Don't Stay in Relationships

This article previously appeared on the Huffington Post:  (No, I won’t be offended if you don’t want to read it again.  I’ll be putting a longer version up on my blog, We older singles say we want to be in long-term, committed relationships.  We want to find someone to grow old with.  We just can't stomach any changes to our own lives. ...more

Ladies: A Gentle Reminder That You Do NOT Owe Anyone A Reason for Not Wanting to Engage with Them

Bye Felipe.   Straight White Boys Texting.  Tinder Nightmares.  OK Stupid.  Hey Sup Girl.  ...more

Internet Dating: The Myth of the Perfect Match

 Image: Emanuele Bresciani via StockSnapOne of the things that worries about me about online dating sites, is their emphasis on finding your perfect match. Compatibility, according to them, is finding someone as similar to you as possible. I believe this approach is flawed....more
FeministaJones really enjoyed this piece, thank you sharingmore

Should I Be Ashamed That I Met My Boyfriend Online?

I'm really lucky. I've met an awesomely amazing guy. We met online, on eharmony to be exact. So why should it make me feel embarrassed to tell people that I met my boyfriend online?Image by Teppo Kotirinta via FlickrIt might be my age. Way back in the day, you met people the old-fashioned way-- at work, through friends, school or the oh-so-classy way of meeting at a bar....more
Why would you be embarrassed? People meet each other in all kind of circumstances. My Dad saw my ...more

Online Dating Is Way More Complicated for Women

If we're all honest with ourselves, online dating is the option of the future. It is niche and it is available, as we know so many people aren't. It is like going to a buffet where everything is laid out pretty and delicious for our choosing. ...more
Good read. You're right to say that online dating is a very real option today. It's a valid one, ...more

The Downside to Online Dating

“Are you online?” If you’re single, chances are you’ve heard this.  When you aren’t in a relationship, everyone around you suddenly transforms into a relationship expert.  They all know what’s best.  They will tell you to try this, or stop doing that, or did-you-know-their-neighbor’

11 Guys Every Girl Will Meet On Tinder (With Real Hilarious Screenshots)

When you're a girl on Tinder... 1. Sometimes guys can be cute 2. But still, most just want to f*ck...more

Online Dating Horror Story #6: A Walk on the Beach Goes Terribly Wrong

blogqueendiane  yep--definitely creepy.  Hopefully he gets the message soon!more

Online Dating After 50 - Are You Kidding Me?

About five years ago, I abruptly ended a 10 year relationship with a man I loved and trusted. Being 54 at the time made it that much harder as the prospect of finding someone else I was so compatible with at my age seemed grim at best....more

How Tinder Plus Encourages Age Discrimination in Online Dating

If you haven’t heard the news about Tinder Plus, brace yourselves.The free dating app is going to be offering a new premium paid service. If you’re 18-29, you’re in luck! The service will cost a mere $9.99. But those of you about to celebrate the big 3-0? Well, you can kiss more of your hard-earned cash goodbye. You see, you’ll be paying $19.99 per month for the premium service....more