Why Being Cute Won't Find You Love Online (but being ugly will?)

A recent study conducted by the online dating site OK Cupid suggests that "cute women" are far less likely to find love online then their polarizing counterparts - suggesting that women who are considered "cute" receive less messages than women considered hot to some men, and not hot to others. ...more

I'm a good catch and I'll tell you why

I'm a well-educated, financially secure man who enjoys the outdoors   This, posted on a dating website, is an advertisement for love.  In exchange the man placing the ad is looking for a woman who looks good in jeans as well as dressed up for an evening out on the town   His list further explains that he prefers blonds who enjoy travel, adventure, and good food and wine.  And the women he's seeking should be attractive, outgoing and smart.  Read more ...more

(VIDEO) Modern Dating: Single and "Desperate"?

Planning on finding love in 2011? For us singles, it's a hard knock life. Just when you get up the nerve to ask for some support from those smug-marrieds around you, you realize they have completely given up on matchmaking. Here's a little video I like to call "Modern Dating." Prepare yourself....more

Rachael R. Lorenz

She Should have It


I ...more

My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 2

Black Box Disclaimer: You really need to read my first post on this subject, "Life on the Internet," written on December 11. That one was followed by "My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 1," in which I detailed my relationship with "Bob." This post will be the killer, so read on if you dare!!...more

Dating - The New Naturals

  I attended a fascinating online relationship teleclass a few nights ago. A woman who referred to herself more than once as an expert gave the class. When she spoke of dating, she laid out quite a few rules for attracting a partner....more

Top Five Tips for Writing a Winning Online Dating Profile

Online dating is now the most popular way to meet new people.  What once had the stigma of being questionable or even scary, is now the norm.  If you are dating, or looking to date, chances are very high you are online, or thinking you should be. ...more

When Is It Time for the Commitment Talk?

There is a weird soft spot in the beginning of many relationships that very often sets the tone for how the relationship grows or doesn’t grow....more

How to Attract Your Soulmate - for Real!

Most singles have “the list” of the qualities they want in their future mate.  Before I met my husband, I certainly did.  That said, the real magic to “the list” is what you do with it once you’ve completed it....more

Should I Waste My Time Meeting or Dating an “Imperfect” Guy?

30 minutes. That’s about how long you generally have to “get to know” a man before deciding to have a cup of coffee or date with him. You meet online, or at the local bank, and that’s about it. But he seems imperfect. He’s clearly missing one of your must-haves. Should you gracefully decline? After all, you have very little time to waste, right?...more

What's going on over at Sexis Magazine - September 3rd Edition

Whether you are hitting the road for the holiday weekend or spending a quiet long weekend at home, you are gonna need stuff to read, right? Never fear, SexIs Round-Up is here! (Ok, I promise never to do that again as long as you check out the great week we had)...more