When Good Rejection Happens to Bad People

In my previous post we established that I am completely nuts and place personal ads to generate material and sick entertainment for myself....more

Idle Hands...

Last weekend, in an effort to cure my writers block and give myself some much-needed sick entertainment, I placed a personal ad on Craigslist....more

Fantasy vs. Reality

Some things are just better in fantasy than reality. Like dating....more

I lost it at the chicken part...Your unicorn is out there - he just hasn't found you yet :)more

How Much Would You Pay For a Fake Girlfriend?

They say there’s a sucker born every minute. Not everyone can be sophisticated and worldly. Unfortunately, naiveté invites predators and victimization. Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into performing certain actions or divulging confidential information. Essentially it’s a fancier, more technical form of lying....more

His Dating Profile Is Still Active

She noticed the change in the relationship. She asked if anything was wrong. She was told things were fine. Then it occurred to her to check his profile on the dating site he had used prior to becoming involved with her. She found his profile was active, checked in within the last 24 hours. Not only that, but he had a VIP premium membership. What would you do if you discovered your boyfriend still had an online dating profile? ...more

While online dating sites have become more and more mainstream over the past several years, ...more

All in a Date's Work

The internet has generously provided many ways for us to get our geek on and here’s one more. Follow these five steps when online dating and you’ll be well on your way to hooking a hottie....more

Things I do When No One is Looking

I've participated in some embarrassing activities as of late: I've surfed the dating websites. Oh the horror....more

Whatsyourprice.com: The New Face of Prostitution or a Pretty Good Idea?

Whatsyourprice.com: The New Face of Prostitution or a Pretty Good Idea?     Brand new website promises to hook up The Generous and The Beautiful on first dates....more



Should Dating Sites Require Background Checks?

It’s no secret that there are kooky people in the world, and those kooky people seem to gravitate to the Internet. My theory is that those with ulterior motives relish the anonymity of the web, which allows them to lure in their victims more easily. I can see why they’d appreciate that. It’s easier to lie online.There’s no body language, no intonation in one’s voice, and no emotional connection to the other person. It’s harder for a person’s sixth sense to connect with an avatar. The Internet provides a great cover for predators....more