This Is My Story -Online Dating is the New Blind Date but Better-Worked Fabulously For Me

  Internet Dating - Welcome to the 21st century version of Blind Dating. Yes this is how I see it. My definition of Blind Dating is being in the dark pretty much about another person. In the past it would be a friend or someone we know recommending another person and we would go on a date to meet such a person. Not because a friend told us about that person would it necessarily mean he or she would be good for us. We went on a wish and a prayer that it would be what we desired. I find internet dating to be the same. Instead of being introduced to someone by family or friend we are introducing ourselves to someone based on advertisement or by someone whom we know has been lucky to find their partner through that process....more

My husband and I met on Match. I have many clients who have met their significant others online ...more

Lucky Me

I am a 39-year old single girl living and working in NYC.   And dating.  Gloriously, laughably, shamelessly and sometimes painfully.   Taking the plunge into the on-line dating world again after a long hiatus (read: failed relationship), I decided to share my stories, triumphs, failures, embarrassments and everything else indiscriminately fit for print this time around....more

Ein neues Abenteuer

Seit Wochen lag diese Einladung jetzt auf meinem Zeitungsstapel. Ich hatte versucht sie zu ignorieren, zu vergessen aber irgendwann musste ich eine Antwort zur Hochzeitseinladung abschicken. Veranstaltungsort war mal wieder die Marvelo Media Festhalle mit ausgezeichnetem Catering vom Unternehmen Flirtfair....more

Online Dating: How to Get Started and Make it Work

As if dating and mating wasn’t hard enough, technology has added a variety of new challenges to the art of hooking up. Not only do you have to master the computer crud, you have to figure out how to actually connect with another human being amidst the volume and the anonymity....more

Online dating: 12 Warning signs that he or she is up to no good

If you are new to internet dating, know someone who is internet dating or have just gotten a little relaxed and have been missing some of the signs he or she is a BUSTER this article is for you.Internet dating can be a blast.  It's a great way to meet people you wouldn't normally come into contact with in your normal circles.  How ever you choose to date watch out for the signs that he or she is a scam artist!Here are a few things to watch out for on your dating adventures:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Will a personal date ad lead to marriage?

Dear Dr. Romance:How realistic is it for a woman over 40 to expect a personal ad date to lead to marriage? --Dear Reader:...more

Social Dating Adventures, Pt 1

My Facebook friends would know all about this because I admonish people enough about it. So you put up a profile photo - it's nice looking, a full head shot of you looking relaxed and a bit cute. You maybe trawl the FBsphere commenting on notes, on friends' statuses or photos and their friends follow suit and oh, someone notices the comment above theirs, notices the profile photo and thinks, "wow, that girl is hot" and they click on your photo, get your abridged profile, because you know about privacy settings, and then send you a Friend Request.   If you're looking for a date online, this may work for you. If not, it becomes annoying. (I am annoyed) ...more

BlogHer Bedroom Video Chat: Get Ready to Talk About Sex, Love and Social Networks

It's time to put sex on the calendar once again! BlogHer Bedroom is coming back this Thursday. This week, I your fearless misadventuress, will be discussing social networks and relationships -- and answering your questions about your own travails in the madness of this world where, more and more, the analog is colliding with the digital. ...more

Confessions of a Serial Dater

A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Uhho, you know anytime I say that it must mean trouble !Well I'm still really upset about Cowboy. Did I mention he is a shithead ?! Well I went out with the girls last night and had a little too much fun. I ran into my ex and thing led to another. I thought I would give him a little hands on "action", pulling out some of my best moves....more