Couplelizer – Come to Momma

Gone are the days of talking online for a year (why talk for a year, when I can buy you a beer?) Gone are the days of lying about your age and weight! Gone are the days!!!Couplelizer is here!!! Thank goodness for that.  Couplelizer – Promotional Videos...more

Where Are Your Balls? {my disappointments with modern dating}

DatewithLucy it really is a pain lolmore

Online Dating 101

There’s a conversation topic that keeps coming up lately no matter where I am or who I’m with.  I’ve had it with friends, I’ve had it with family, and I’ve had it A LOT with coworkers; especially the youngins who know WAY more about this topic than I do.So what is this topic I can’t seem to escape from, you ask?Online. Dating....more

Miss Mishap Dating Blog 1: Reading the signs – is he a tiny bit controlling, or am I reading into things?

Miss Mishap: dating trials and tribulations in the countryThis blog is an account of my dating trials and tribulations in a rural setting. I wish I’d starting writing it a while ago because there has been plenty of rough water under the bridge which would have made for good material. The silver lining is that it’s often ridiculous to the point of being funny…Blog 1: reading the signs – is he a tiny bit controlling, or am I reading into things a bit too much? ...more

Online Dating Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

So, I’ve been thinking of maybe joining an online dating site, which makes me laugh. I wouldn’t join because I can’t find guys on my own, I’m just not finding the right guys (this is’s commercial) teehee. I have had MANY online dating profiles over the years. Some were serious, in that I actually wanted to meet people, and some were just for fun. My personal favorite had a tagline that said “all you young hot studs make my toes curl”, but I was looking for attention more than a date. That was a really fun couple of days, I remember them fondly....more

Saying "Maybe" to Dating

Date.  Or date not.  There is no “try”.-Yoda, if he were to give advice on dating.I joke a lot about finding my future ex-husband.  I say that because I think I am destined to stay single the rest of my days.Not because I plan to get divorced again.  I don’t think I’ll even get near that step. Mainly it’s because I hate dating....more

The Time I Was Told I Was Too Big for a Relationship

The first night we messaged, we quickly migrated to the phone on which we had a 5-hour call. I was EARLY in dating, naive, and completely un-jaded. I was sure I would find Mr. Right as easily as finding my next k-cup variety on Amazon....more

A Simple Way To Write Successful Messages When Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, the shorter the better and I don’t mean your height.OkCupid recently conducted a study of their users messages and determined that the most effective messages were fewer than 100 characters. This makes so much sense since we’re so used to communicating via text with everyone else in our lives. And really, who in the hell has time to read or compose long paragraphs to a total stranger?Especially for the fellas who are doing most of the initial reaching out, here are a few things to consider when composing your next online dating message:...more

My 'Words with Friends Beau' Promises Sweet Deep Kisses and I Fret over When's a Good Time to Tell Him I Wear Dentures

        So he speaks to me of future mind-zapping sweet deep kisses when we meet. Okay, I know that this may sound x-rated for a first date but, the Universe has already spoken, and my future seems already written.  I am, therefore, but a more- than- willing participant who assigns omnipotence to the powers that be. Besides, being 60 and all that, I have a special pass, I'm sure. The romantic in me definitely goes for kisses sweeter than wine....more