AFTER My "Words With Friends" Blog

                                I asked Jim what he thought of my blog . I told him that it was our love story. I also asked him which part he liked best. He said that he has to go over it again and that it was "crazy " good. Now, that's my man.        Well, I haven't received any feedback from him but I got tons from others and I would like to share them with you.1) From my Words with Friends Opponents...more

#OnlineDating: If You Ever Forget You’re 30, a 20-Something is Happy to Remind You

One of the many joys of online dating is being reminded of your age. Here are a couple fantastic reminders I've received over the years....more

The Time I Canceled eHarmony and Got Jinxed by ePhil

I re-subscribed to my eHarmony account one optimistic (a.k.a. frustrated with dating and at the gates of Jadesville) Sunday evening. I have never had luck on this particular site… too few matches, very little attraction to them, overly restrictive communication, yada yada. However, I was willing to try it again if I could retake my personality test and give it another go!...more

An honest online dating profile*

My self-summaryYou won’t remember half of what I write here, so I’ll stick to the salient points:...more
Adelewishnot That's crazy! I've never thought to google photos before, but your examples might ...more

Finding Mr. Right , again

CONTINUED... After moving in with the prospective Mr. Right I knew that in anything in life there is always a price to pay. The Question is, is it worth it? We'll see. I miss some of the privacy....more

Dating and "The Silent Treatment": How Do You Deal?

The dreaded silent treatment.Is there anything worse or more uncomfortable than the morning after an amazing date? Your phone hasn't rung or buzzed once with a cute message or a quick "good morning". It just sits on your nightstand mocking you.  You check it like grandma used to check her kettle on the stove. And we all know what they say about a watched kettle...UGGGH!...more
Adelewishnot Don't get frustrated. Have fun with online dating until it's not fun anymore. ...more

Trace's Adventures in Dating: The Dos & Don'ts of Creating an Online Dating Profile

If you've followed Cat and I on our dating adventures, you will know that both her and I have been on a roller coaster of dates. From Jake Gyllenhaal look-a-likes to men penning mouse themed novels, we have seen it all and brought you alone for the ride....more

Online Dating: Dealbreakers

Everybody’s different, but we all have some situations that are dealbreakers when meeting and evaluating a potential boyfriend or girlfriend in person after we’ve connected with him or her online....more

Online Dating Horror Story #3: Thunder and Lightning

Years ago, I met a man from an online dating site at a fast-food restaurant for a Coke. It turned out to be me listening to an hour-and-a-half monologue. (That happens a lot and I’m too polite — or dumb — to just get up and leave....more


It is estimated that 1 in 4 relationships start online and predicted that 70% will use online dating services in the future. The current reality of online dating: ...more