Online Dating Horror Story #3: Thunder and Lightning

Years ago, I met a man from an online dating site at a fast-food restaurant for a Coke. It turned out to be me listening to an hour-and-a-half monologue. (That happens a lot and I’m too polite — or dumb — to just get up and leave....more


It is estimated that 1 in 4 relationships start online and predicted that 70% will use online dating services in the future. The current reality of online dating: ...more


I recently had the honor of participating onHuffPost Live’s segment “How We Can Understand Love Through Science” with Dr. Sue Johnson. Dr. Johnson’s book, Love Sense, is a result of her groundbreaking research on our emotional bonds and attachment styles. Love Sense “presents new scientific evidence that tells us that humans are meant to mate for life. Dr....more

Online Dating Horror Story #1: Don't be Cruel...

  I've been divorced a long time and have done online dating for about 12 years....more

Finding My Cyber Prince Charming

Love and sex in my town are hard to come by.  I am artsy, cultured, and progressively minded. I feel like this type draws little romantic interest in a town like this.  The lack of men leaves me alone and bored when I go out instead of engaging in good conversation with a member of the opposite sex.   When my lonliness took over I decided that I would give the world of online dating a chance.  I began to think I would have more luck on the internet.  Beng online did expand my dating poole, but not  as I thought it might....more

10 Observations From My Week on Tinder

Recently, I went on my very first date in my 26 years of life. (If you want to read about it, click here.) That date was… let's just say it was less than desirable, but I was okay with that. It gave me another semi-funny story to tell. That’s basically why I didn’t completely dismiss the idea of online dating when a friend suggested I give it a try. I thought if this whole "find Mr. Right on the internet" thing didn’t work, at least I would get another blog post out of it… and that’s exactly what I got....more
I don't think the idea of matching people up by their Facebook profiles is a sound idea in the ...more

the Perfect Man

I was an addict. I was addicted to the way Woo made me feel. There was no room in my heart for another man and it was my own fault. I needed to really give the next guy I date a chance. I needed to cut back how much I talked to Woo; a few times a week, how often we texted; almost daily....more

Lover boy vet

I've been divorced since Gerald Ford was president.Oh, I've had relationships over the years, but have avoided serious emotional involvements.Sorry, that topic is between me and my therapist.It's been a number of years since I've even dated; family responsibilities, work, and some long-term health issues have kept me tired and frankly just not interested in l-o-v-e....more

The 4 Dangers You Face When Using Social Media to Find a Lover

Social media has helped bring people together in an entirely new way. It has also helped reshape the way that many people develop romantic relationships. Before you start an online relationship with someone, though, you should pay attention to these four dangers. Knowing the potential disadvantages of using social media to find a lover should help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes that people make....more

Online Dating: 6 Ways to Avoid Awkwardness

You've probably been there. Online, you meet someone who seems special. However, the online date turns out to be a dud. Or maybe your date would have had potential if only the whole situation did not feel so... awkward. ...more
I would clarify that it would be a different scenario if the friends were setting the two of you ...more