When An Online Dating Site Matches You With Your Ex

When it comes to love, and relationships, I know I tend to give people too many chances. Many times, those chances are built on the basis that maybe there is a reason I am meeting this person, or maybe the circumstances previously, just weren’t correct.In the case of Frat Guy, who I dated in college, and gave way too many chances to then, I do sometimes think about him, and that if we met at a different time in our lives, we would have been really good together....more
I love this!  I couldn't imagine anything worse than being "matched" with an ex! Great story - ...more

Seniors targeted for online dating scams

The 80-year-old spent $500,000 on his new girlfriend—whom he’d never met. The online romance began with an e-mail (from supposedly a dating service) from a young nurse in Ghana who said she would take care of him. Then requests for money followed. The man’s son believed that the “nurse” was likely a male con artist....more

Do I Have To Do Online Dating?

Dear Lisa,I’ve been single for more than a year now.  About six months ago I joined a couple of dating sites.  I’ve had a few dates, but nothing that was particularly interesting.  ...more

Dating the Cray Crays: What Happens When You Ignore Red Flags

Normally, the longer I ignore the RED FLAG feeling, the funnier the story is, ha ha ... but at the same time ... well ... just read....more
Anastasia Alston hahaha I like the way you put that.  Sorry you've had crappy experiences, but ...more

Get Guy's Attention with These Online Dating Profile Tips

Your dating profile will make all the difference in your success in online dating. Many women rush through the profile to get it done, and then they wonder why they aren’t attracting the caliber of man they want. ...more

OKCupid Now Offers A Body Type Filter... For A Fee

In a controversial move, dating site OKCupid has updated their approach by allowing users to filter out body types for an additional fee ranging from $4.95 to $10.  This filter would make it so that your results only list people who self-identify according to the parameters you select. Opponents charge that this is a discriminatory practice, while proponents say that it is about time dating sites allow this feature....more
It's good. If the person's someone who'd pay extra for that, he's not someone I'd want in my ...more

About your online dating profile...

I get a lot of questions about how to write a good online dating profile. Usually it’s because someone isn’t getting many responses to their emails, or she/he just isn’t generating good matches. After all, the goal is to attract the right men or women to you. I have two suggestions that could turn things around, so don’t roll your eyes and say that online dating sucks. Cuz it doesn’t....more

Would You Adopt Your Next Boyfriend?

Image via Pinterest http://www.whattheflicka.com...more

Loveflutter, Dating for Quirky People

Image via Pinterest, obaz.comThese days it’s all about b...more