Lies, Guys, and a case of Social Leprocy

In recent days I haven't reported in detail my (mis)adventures in the dating world, as there haven't been any. One can still consider oneself a social leper even if said individual is receiving mail on a regular basis via web-dating sites. I haven't been on any dates since I started. Seriously. (How long have I been doing this?...more

Online Dating: Some People are Still Single for a Reason

Confession time: I am a former member of, I feel you judging me. Give me a break. Right after my annulment, I was feeling like a washed-up ex-wife who nobody would ever want to bang again. And even if they did, I would probably cry on them....more

Yes! I've got a date with Geroge Clooney! (or do I?)

Last summer I was receiving semi-regular emails from a site I had not subscribed to. I initially thought it was updates of friends' online flicker updates or similar, so without looking I deleted them. However one noted that 'someone is looking for you' .... which which I didn't quite understand, but piqued my interest. Upon closer inspection I had indeed been duped. It was actually from an online dating website. In the body of the email were 2 photos of people I recognized, and knew from Salerno....more

There Will Be No Wine but plenty of Cheese

Here it comes... that gale of disappointment... and down like the Titanic. This time I am not being over-critical. It was too much information, and a red-light the size of a lighthouse beacon...Just when you think you haven't met the uber level of cheese from someone you think could be a decent candiate to know better.......more

Esoteric zeitgeist and playing a mean pinball

Here is a fitting profile written by yours truly, for one of my "guest stars," based on my most recent experience: Egocentric,  passionate, passive-agressive,  mad-genius with extreme adversion to using telelphones (but owns an iphone), would love to dazzle you with everything profound and despite several proclamations with the full intention to meet-up, will jerk you around for months without setting up said meeting, (or for that matter having a live text-chat, or actually calling you on the phone for a real conversation minus the keyboard), if only to see how long it will take t...more

Women Are Lazy Daters

I happened upon an article at where a guy broke down the reasons why he stops calling women.While reading, I thought about how we women may have the same exact feelings as this guy about who we’re dating... we got what we wanted... no return on investment... lost interest... but we choose to stick around for some reason....more
@JayelleHughes this was a good read! I gotta take heedmore

Online Dating: Observations/What I've Learned (Part 2)

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about online dating.  That’s because there’s nothing exciting to report.  But there’s always entertaining stuff on these sites.  Here are five observations/things I’ve learned this week:...more

Your Father Isn’t… Charlie

I met Charlie at a friend’s birthday party and we hit it off talking about the developing importance of behavioral economics. Throughout the night I find myself talking to him again and again, although I can never really tell what he means by it. Toward the end of the night, instead of asking for my number, Charlie suggests we exchange business cards. I figure we connected on an intellectual level, so we’re solidly in the friend zone. I’m ok with that....more

Quasi-futility and NOT being the Rebound-girl

It's ironic really, I post a profile on a web-dating site and despite the interest, I still never end up  leaving the house (especially to go on dates) or do much of anything for that matter. My apartment is currently in a state reminiscent of a frat-house, and the small human head-size dust bunnies scurrying over my ugly ceramic floors consisting of about 80% dog hair -  I believe will morph any day now and start growing eyes and teeth. I can only imagine what biological nightmares are breeding in my bathroom as my toilet looks cleaner than my sink....more

Confessions of an accidental bigmouth

The art of pondering thy self while eating cake....more