Confessions of a Former Dating Loser

I met my husband three years ago on  Many times when I tell people that they get this shocked look on their face as if to say "What were you thinking by dating on-line????"   Well to be honest, it wasn't my idea....more
 @Darcie Thank you so much!  Our families were a little skeptical but once everyone met, my dad ...more


Ladies, are you over 40 and single? Of course you are. There are brazillions of us out there! (Note how I just cunningly lumped myself in with the over-40s, when in fact I am over 50. If I had an editor, I could never get away with that shit!)  ...more
I love it..more

If you want to date me: Please don't read my blog!

Ignorance is bliss. I'm quite fabulous, actually....more

Six Tips on What NOT to Write on

(originally posted on BetterAfter50 - by A. Chertorofsky)...more

Meeting Great Women...and Other Musings

Every now and then I'll read or hear someone say something along the lines of "women aren't nice to each other", "I don't trust women", "women are always in competition with other women", and, of course "women are bitches".  And we're all familiar with the concept of mean girls ( ...more

It’s Not Online Dating. It’s Social Pairing.

image via SituEating Socialize with your social network? What a concept....more
Hey there, Gigabiting! Great posts with LOTS of social options happening around the sharing of a ...more

Internet Dating: Finding online love in the day of the computer; the good, the bad and the ugly.

It seems as if finding a significant other online is the way of the present.  I remember when women and men used to lower their voice to a whisper when telling you they are dating or in love with someone they met online.  It was deemed, at first, that they were somehow desperate if that is how they met the love of their life.  There was a certain level of skepticism about the reality that the person was actually who they said they were.  Importantly, there was concern about safety.  All of those were and are legitimate.  ...more
Ha, yes, you must be talking about me :) Sorry it took me so long to read this Elaine!   I met ...more

Single Abroad: I Don't Want to Be Your Fantasy Tour Guide

Is the ex-pat's life ideal? Italy is beautiful but the men aren't really cutting it. They're too aggressive and have a generic idea of romance. And the foreigners aren't much better -- all they want is a no-strings, no-pressure fantasy tour guide who'll show them the ruins in eight-inch heels, engage them in witty conversation and generally tend to their entertainment. It's enough to make you want to give up on dating altogether! ...more

Deciding to Date Online

One of the many aspects of the Fit4Love coaching program that I like is that it's leading me to my goal at my own pace and it isn't one-size fits all dating advice. Joining Meetup groups might work for some but I just don't have time like that. I need to be more focused, more intentional and that's why I decided to start online dating. ...more

Dating? Try Not To Be Shallow

Dating, as we all know, can be tricky. There are so many unwritten rules and we aren't all reading from the same playbook so we don't even know what all the rules are.  Here's a rule that I think most people will agree with, even if we're not always capable of following it:  when "judging" a prospective date, look below the surface and try not to get too hung up on the outside packaging.  This is much easier said than done....more