Shred your Boarding Pass

Apparently there are people who take pictures of their airplane boarding pass…and post it online. I’m dead serious. I’ve heard of toddlers getting excited over scraps of paper, but full-grown adults posting images of their boarding pass online? Don’t get me started....more

How to keep a Clean Online Presence

At any given time, someone, somewhere, is probably googling you. This could be a former classmate, a neighbor, someone you’re trying to do business with, a relative, who knows?...more

Protect Yourself from Online Fraud

Yes, it’s possible: preventing fraudsters from getting you via online trickery and other stealthy actions. Yes, it’s possible to be thinking one step ahead of cyber criminals. Let’s begin with e-mails—the conduit through which so many cyber crimes like ID theft occur....more

6 Tools to protect your Privacy Online

The more advanced that communications become, the more likely your personal information is getting leaked out—every time you search the Web, send texts or e-mails, etc. Your private data is literally “out there.” However, there are six software programs to protect your privacy online....more

The IRS Takes on Online Fraud & Identity Theft in Free Upcoming Phone Forum

The Internal Revenue Service is not only dealing with taxes; but the agency is also taking on the rising threat of online fraud and identity theft.  An upcoming free phone forum entitled: “Everyone's at Risk - Combating the Increasing Threat of Online Fraud and Identity Theft” is scheduled for August 19, 2009 from the convenience of your business, home, or office. This IRS phone forum is especially for : ...more