You Don't Have to Be Friends with the Whole Internet

I've been blogging for 11 years. Friends have come and gone, amicably and not so, over the years. Sometimes the friendship doesn't even end; it's thrown into a hiatus because of offline life happenings. Sometimes people stop blogging. Sometimes you're demoted. Misunderstandings abound on the Internet, straining and ending friendships without the ability to look each other in the eye and apologize, accept forgiveness. The beginning and ending of friendships on the Internet is a given. It happens. We move on. But what about those people that you don't want to be friends with in the first place? ...more
As someone who explicitly states in my Twitter bio that "I don't follow back," I couldn't agree ...more

Are Online Relationships Real?

I heard a bigoted conversation whilst travelling yesterday. It was two people ridiculing the advent of social media in the life of one of their friends and how ‘stupid’ this absent friend was to regard some of her online cohorts as ‘friends’. This got me thinking because, I must admit, 18 months ago I may have shared a little (just a little) of the same view. Not about technology per se, in which I am well versed, but the whole thing of ‘online friends’....more

Forums not for me?

Recently I have been forced to examine my online social networking habits. When I became pregnant with my first child, I felt so unsure, and lost. About to embark on a surprise journey into the great unknown, I read books, I searched online, and did what I do best. I googled. This brought me to an online forum, full of soon to be moms, just like me. ...more

Online Friendships