Playing Farmville Trumps Email in Use of Online Time: How Do You Use the Internet?

While you may have convinced yourself that keeping your Twitter page open in the office isn’t detracting from your other online work, the report shows that the average American spends 22.7% of their online time on social networking sites and blogs, making it the number one online activity. ...more

i used to spend time on friendster, then later on, on facebook but lately i stopped because it ...more

New Video Game for Women: Coconut Queen (from iWin Games)

I worked on this video game that was just released August 20 by iWin Games.   ...more

Games (like Sudoku) Can Keep Your Mind Healthy And Sharp

Did you know that you can keep your memory and mind healthy with online games? You can actually have fun while keeping your mind sharp. Experts suggest that not using our brain enough can be a major factor in losing our mental abilities as we get older. But using games and puzzles can improve our memory and concentration. Here are two of my favorites... ...more

Hi Laurie.  My family LOVES playing Scrabble, but I've never played online, I'll have to give ...more

What are Kids Learning in Virtual Worlds?: The Wonders and the Worries.

On November 14th, the University of Southern California hosted a symposium entitled: What are Kids Learning in Virtual Worlds?: The Wonders and the Worries." ...more