If your company isn’t thinking digital first when it comes to marketing, the time to hesitate is over.Your audience wants you to be digitally savvy, because they most likely are, too. And capturing their attention requires keeping up with new trends and a consistent, knowledgeable approach overall.And no, you can’t “fake it till you make it” on this one. Here’s how to be the real deal:...more

The Intuitive-Brainiac Way to Writing Effective Website Copy

I'm tired of hearing people say how they don't have a website that they like, and brings in results in the form of leads, sales and clients, because they're not "techie."Bullsh*t.The foundational pieces of building an awesome website (on time and on budget no less) have very little to do with the ever-changing beast called “technology.”...more

6 Questions For Writing Website Copy that Connects, Resonates & Converts

I’M A STICKLER FOR MEANINGFUL COMMUNICATIONS.My clients gain IMMENSE CLARITY about themselves and their businesses during the process of crafting their website copy.We turn that clarity into marketable copy, and they walk away with a website that fully express who they are....more

Is "Technology" Keeping You Stuck in Your Business? Here's How To Get Unstuck:

In many recent conversations and correspondences, lots of folks told me they’re not “making a move” in their businesses because of “technology.”Sometimes technology can do more harm than good…… because many people are putting the cart in front of the horse:...more

FOMO - Killer of Effective Marketing Communication

No matter how awesome your stuff is, it does you no good if you can’t communicate to the relevant people about it.When you get down to the purpose of communication, it’s to GET YOUR POINT THROUGH....more

Where To Guest Post? 3 Criteria to Pitch the Right Blogs

As an introvert with a flashier personality in words than in person, I found writing to be much more in line with my strength and personality than going to networking whatever 8 days a week, or jumping into “scoping” 3x a day.Now, if you have contributor access to Huff Post, Forbes or the likes, you can stop reading and go eat cookies.But for the rest of us smaller potatoes, we have to maximize our efforts and here’s why:...more

4 Steps to Writing Content that Makes "Selling" a Breeze (even if you offer woo-woo stuff)

If your business offerings fall in areas that are considered “vague”, “out-there” or “woo-woo”, you probably find yourself banging your head against the wall every time you go through some marketing training and were told to “list out the benefits” that are concrete, solve an urgent problem, or just plain “sellable.”Or maybe you have gotten dinged too many times during those 5-minutes-of-fame coaching calls and sent back to the drawing board to twist yourself into the “come up with something the sells” box....more

3 Steps to Get Over "Blogger's Block" - How to Generate Blog Topics that Convert

Blogging for business growth is not just a writing exercise in which you cough up 500 words and call it a day. It starts with having a complete understanding of what matters to you, your niche and your business.When you understand these 3 components that make a blog post convert, you can use this 3-step process to generate article ideas, so you won’t be staring at a blinking cursor on a blank screen again:...more

Online Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

A constantly increasing number of small business owners decide to turn towards the Internet and the online world in the hope of penetrating new markets and of boosting their sales revenue. Although aware the online world is full of still untapped opportunities, not all of them have a clear understanding of what online marketing is and how it works....more