How to Create Videos to Market Your Services

Video marketing is the next best thing to being there "live" with someone. It is a crucial tool for small business owners to market their services. Here is a great how-to from Karyn Greenstreet with 8 solid tips (born from the author's first great video adventure) to help you do it right. ...more
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Making Your Links Penguin Friendly: A Guide to Linking for SEO with the Latest Penguin Update

Another Google Update? Google is revising the rules again for it’s Web Spam fighting Penguin and it has some people feeling disoriented and wondering what to do now. Well there’s no need for that! You just need to follow these simple steps in order to keep the Penguin at bay....more

An Introduction to the Importance of Web Analytics

Your company strives for first-class online marketing and works relentlessly to optimize those efforts. Now that you have come to know the value of online marketing, it’s time to dive head first into what will likely become one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal – a Web Analytics tool.Blogger meeting by thebrandery via Flickr...more
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10+ Ways to Beef-Up that Lagging Website!

Your website is the heart of your online marketing business. It’s the center of all your marketing efforts. How do you get visitors to stay and take action? Here are twelve proven direct response techniques that will increase visitor viewing time and get more productivity from a website:...more

Online Marketing Tips for the Health and Fitness Industry

Online marketing can help a variety of companies target the right audience and increase your customer base. This is especially true for the highly competitive fitness industry. When choosing a vitamin brand or a gym, most people like to look at reviews online or go with a recommendation from a friend. Not many people just walk up to a gym and sign up without knowing much about it. This is where social media and online marketing can really affect the success of a business....more

The Importance of Coordinating Your Online Marketing Mix

Are your coordinating your marketing efforts in 2012? Here is an article by Bob Speyer at Web Success Team about organizing your marketing efforts for a successful online campaign....more
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How to Choose the Most Effective Keywords for Search

Hi, we are back from a week-long vacation and ready to share some awesome posts with you all. Thank you so much for reading and sharing our articles in 2011. We wish you all a very prosperous 2012. To welcome the new year I will start off by sharing an article by Bob Speyer of Web Success Team about the importance of keywords for best search engine results. Enjoy!...more

Relationship Marketing to Score BIG in 2012

Relationship marketing is the new kid on the block in this article Bob Speyer from Web Success Team explains why Nothing is more appreciated and respected in business than a referral. It shows confidence in your brand, hands on experience and the ability to connect with people. It is the bi-product of a successful business–customer relationship. In today’s competitive business climate and the growing influence of the Internet to affect decision making, the marketing paradigm has changed. ...more

Niche Social Sites: the New Era of Online Marketing

Niche social sites are paving the way for the new era of online marketing. As businesses embrace social media strategies they are finding more and more that they can define their branding by using “niche” social sites to target their audiences and to interest smaller group of people. It’s ideal for small businesses that have local highly targeted niche markets such as fashion or food....more

Is SEO Really Dead? Or Has it Morphed into a Social Superhero!

The lines have become blurred from traditional SEO to what I call SEO on “steroids”. The fuel that drives the traditional SEO engine is still relevant, from keyword-rich website content, code to content ratio and optimization, to being Google compliant. However, today search engines are paying increasing attention to an online social activity. Consistent social engagement indicates that a website is an active participant in commerce and is not just a content generator or link farm....more