Relationship Marketing to Score BIG in 2012

Relationship marketing is the new kid on the block in this article Bob Speyer from Web Success Team explains why Nothing is more appreciated and respected in business than a referral. It shows confidence in your brand, hands on experience and the ability to connect with people. It is the bi-product of a successful business–customer relationship. In today’s competitive business climate and the growing influence of the Internet to affect decision making, the marketing paradigm has changed. ...more

Niche Social Sites: the New Era of Online Marketing

Niche social sites are paving the way for the new era of online marketing. As businesses embrace social media strategies they are finding more and more that they can define their branding by using “niche” social sites to target their audiences and to interest smaller group of people. It’s ideal for small businesses that have local highly targeted niche markets such as fashion or food....more

Is SEO Really Dead? Or Has it Morphed into a Social Superhero!

The lines have become blurred from traditional SEO to what I call SEO on “steroids”. The fuel that drives the traditional SEO engine is still relevant, from keyword-rich website content, code to content ratio and optimization, to being Google compliant. However, today search engines are paying increasing attention to an online social activity. Consistent social engagement indicates that a website is an active participant in commerce and is not just a content generator or link farm....more

BlogWorld & New Media Expo: Highlights & Take-A-Ways

The BlogWorld and New Media Expo took place in Los Angeles on November 3-5. With more than 300 speakers, it was three days filled with non-stop workshops and presentations from online marketing experts on a variety of topics ranging from blogging, New Relationship Marketing, search marketing, social media strategy, SEO and ROI. Here are some of the highlights:...more

Web Success Team’s 16 Online Marketing Recommendations

The Web Success Team follows a wide variety of online marketing experts so we thought that we would create an annual summary of those that we like the best or highly recommend. Every category from SEO to content curation and social media all have an expert or platform that can help you stay organized or teach you about cutting-edge, innovative techniques....more

Page Not Found? Error Message? No Problem!

Want to turn your 404 error page into a marketing opportunity? In this article Web Success Team's Bob Speyer and Alison Brown tell you how.No one wants to lose sales or lead opportunities once a prospective customer lands on your website. If you have broken links or error pages, visitors may downgrade your website and leave. Your site may also need a search engine optimization (SEO) overhaul. When viewers see a 404 error page, this is your opportunity to turn a negative into a positive....more
Thank you, Denise! Please forgive my continuing to repeat myself, but "you are awesome and ...more

What Is Content Curation & How it Can Help Market Your Brand

Do you know what "content curation" is? Do you use it in your online marketing campaigns? In this article Bob Speyer of the Web Success Team tells us how.Content curation is the identifying, selecting and sharing of content that is meaningful to a specific target audience as well as other online resources such as articles, blog posts, videos, tweets, and photos. Done correctly, it can play a vital role in helping your brand succeed; and is particularly effective when sharing relevant information with your social network....more

Call to Re-Action: How to Engage Your Audience on a Deeper Level

A call-to-action is a common online marketing tactic used by marketing experts to urge people to engage with a product or service. Social media marketing advertisements that don’t display a call-to-action are often considered incomplete and ineffective because you aren’t asking customers to connect with you. While this passive approach has been effective in the past, what is even more effective is something called a “call-to-reaction.” It allows you to engage your audience on a deeper level, and gives them an incentive to connect with you immediately....more

Common Sense Marketing: Time for a Check-Up

Does your marketing plan need a "tune-up"? Here are a few suggestions from Bob Speyer, Web Success Team's principal.Mark Twain once said, “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.” Marketing is no different. In this Internet age, information is at your fingertips for everything from A to “G” – Google that is. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the information overload and yearn for simpler times or just the plain, simple truth....more

The 10 Fundamentals of Online Marketing

In this article Bob Speyer discusses the fundamentals of Online Marketing. A useful list of action items that will benefit your business. Everyday we are bombarded with helpful suggestions on how to build our business online. Cherry picking the information most helpful to your business can be challenging at best. Like a sports team that “loses” its way, sometimes it is better to return to the fundamentals of online marketing that have been proven effective over years....more