10 Red Flags to Help Avoid Choosing a Bad SEO Service – Part Two

Here's part II of bad SEO practises by Bob Speyer – Web Success TeamSEO conjures up the worst fears and the most apprehension for those looking at it as a necessary evil. Companies know they need it but aren’t confident in its results. Many have spent thousand of dollars without much return and are reluctant to spend more. Part Two of this article helps navigate the SEO waters and avoid the whirlpools where money drains away by showing you red flag to watch out for so you can make more informed decisions before hiring an SEO firm or specialist....more

Small Business eCommerce On the Rise

Everyday there are new indications some business sectors are on the upswing.  As the economy improves, online sales are expected to rise for small and mid-sized businesses. ...more

Buy One Get One Free ~~ Original Watercolor Paintings ~~

Buy One Get One Free Sale ~~ original Watercolor Paintings by Laura L . Trevey purchase at www.lauratrevey.etsy.com ...more

After Christmas shopping, 2.0

As I gathered up the mail towards the end of December, it occured to me that something was missing. And I don't mean Christmas cards, although come to think of it, my numbers were definitely down this year. No, I'm talking about those special undersized catalogs with nothing but post-Christmas bargains that I used to get from J. Crew, L. L. Bean, Lands End, Talbot's, and Garnet Hill. ...more

I hadn't really thought about how I don't receive the sale catalogs anymore, but I do kinda ...more

Bevy: Shop, Save and Showcase your Style

Bevy is an addictive community for those of us already addicted to fashion.  Like a blog, it is all about personal expression.  Members can create virtual closets from thousands of brands, chat about products they love, ask fashion advice and make a video that brings their style to life. ...more

Sunday Shopping in Your Underwear - August 26

Four great deals you can shop in your underwear! Buy online from Target, Walgreens, Office Depot, and Manual Override. The best deal? A digital health monitor only available at Walgreens.com for $4.99, marked down from $29.99. http://www.herdailynews.com/sunday-shopping-in-your-underwear-august-26/ ...more