How to shop Like A Boss this holiday season

This is how I’ve been doing most of my Christmas shopping this year. Of course it only works with merchants who subscribe to these programs, but most major retailers do which is completely handy for me....more

Benefits of Shopping Online for the Holidays’ Gifts

Spotting a parking place next to the malls or commercial centers can become a nightmare before the holidays’ season and the same goes for walking through the shops. Roads become overcrowded, turning a few minutes drive into hours spent in traffic. While some people enjoy the hustle and bustle preceding this time of the year, there are also those who hate it....more

Do You Shoplately?

Are you familiar with Shoplately? Recently, I was introduced to the online shopping site that has "stores" that sell fashion jewelry, shoes, women's apparel, accessories -- both manufactured and handmade -- at many price points. But the majority of the shops and items I've seen are incredibly affordable, cheap even! ...more

Online shopping warnings and advice

Shopping online can be just as dangerous to your security as leaving your car unlocked in the mall parking lot. Consumer Reports notes the following: Don’t judge a website by its cover. A malicious website can look legitimate, even though it aims to nab your personal data, even identity, or sell counterfeit products. ...more

Fashion reviews gave birth to my dream project!

Do you ever look at a picture of a beautiful starlet dressed in something you would never wear but you think looks good on them only to find a critical review that makes you think what the? It happens a lot with me, as I sit at the doctors waiting for my turn. I usually rummage though fashion and gossip magazines. It’s the only time I ever flick through print materials, after all I am a self confessed Internet junkie, give me my broadband or give me death!...more

The Future of Food: Farmers Markets Go Virtual

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we're pretty spoiled when it comes to farmers markets. There's a market within easy striking distance of most area residents six days a week year-round. But in most parts of the United States, that's not the case, which means it can be more challenging for those who really want to buy locally grown food and locally produced edible goods to get to a market in person....more
Using the web to find farmers markets is better, in my opinion, than actually doing the shopping ...more

Frugal Shopping Online

One of the ways I save money online is through Ebates.  If you enter your shopping destination through the ebates portal, you can receive anywhere from 1-20% cash back on your purchases.Ebates has over 1500 participating stores offering cash back.  These include Target, 1800 Flowers, and Amazon.  Ebates also offers coupons when offered by the retailer for deals such as free shipping or a specified amount off of your order. ...more

Things I Love: Shopping on Amazon

About a year and a half ago, I started to become a little more crazy about shopping for deals. I started shopping around online more than I ever did before and slowly turned into the slightly deal crazed maniac that I am today. While I’m not a crazy coupon mom (yet), I do shop around for the best price on pretty much everythingthat we buy, which basically explains the fact that we have memberships to Costco AND Sam’s Club (I’m price comparing until our memberships run out to see who has better prices)....more

What You Don't Know About That Online Product Review

Do you shop or research purchases online? How much weight do you give to online reviews? Are you skeptical of what you read? If you're not verifying your sources, you could be doing all that research for nothing. Longleat Maze by joncandy via Flickr Read the full post at and caveat emptor, friends....more