One and Done: We're a Family of Three

"When are you having more kids?" It's a question I hear quite frequently. I don't dislike the question; I am not offended by the question. I don't hold anything against those who ask it. Ultimately, I am just surprised by how many people assume we will have more children. ...more
Like you, we struggled to be able to produce the one child, just before I turned 40. Once we ...more

What If This Is Our Last Baby? Parenting an Only Child After Loss

I didn't expect this to knock me over like they did, the words of this one mama. I started to read her article about why she has decided to be a mother of only one child because I was curious. And then my eyes met this: “I’ve had my daughter . I am so grateful to have my one beautiful daughter. I don’t wish to have any more.” And those words, they were met with tears. Are met with tears now, as I write this....more
What beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing your open and honest heart. I too have lost a ...more

Rebuttal to 8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child

When I first read "8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child", at the Huffington Post, I thought, "Wow. She sounds angry." To the author's credit, the post stayed with me, but probably not in the way it should have. It ticked me off. ...more

One and Done?

It's common when we ask our friends, family, and ourselves about potential parenthood to use the plural. "Do you want kids?" "Do I want children?" But what about a child, a kid? Just one? Wes and I always imagined having two kids, but then we actually had a child. I think it was Tina Fey who talked about how the circle of her family didn't feel complete until she had her second child. Others have said they knew immediately upon their first child's birth there would be one or two more. That didn't happen here and Wes felt it too....more

Only Doesn't Mean Lonely

L.E. will be an only child.I’m not apologetic about that.I want her to have my undivided attention.I want to be able to provide her with the best life I can afford to give her.I don’t want another baby. I get a lot of flack for this. I know a lot of couples with kids L.E.’s age or even younger who are already pregnant with their next child. I think they are insane.  ...more

"Can I Have it All?" Is the Wrong Question

When I speak to groups of young women and men, more and more frequently the question I get isn’t “Can I have it all?” it’s “Should I have kids at all?” ...more

"The War on Only Children"

Originally Posted on Mary Elizabeth Williams published a thought provoking piece last week on entitled "The War on Only Children."  Her title overstates the point of the piece--it's not genuinely about aggression toward only children.  It's about people making assumptions about other people and saying obnoxious thing...more

Being Just Enough Me

Many people used to tell me, how lucky I was to be an only child.  They had this perception that my parents would undoubtedly spoil me to death, that I would get whatever I wanted, and that I would never have to share what I own with any siblings. They couldn't be more wrong. Being the only child meant that all of my parents' expectations lay on my shoulder.  Not wanting me to repeat...more

The Stuff You Don't Know When You Ask: "So When Are You Having Another Baby?"

I knew it would happen when we got married. People would begin asking about and expecting us to want/have/produce another child. Over at my personal blog, I've made it pretty clear that parenthood suits me. I love my daughter and enjoy watching her learn and grow more than I ever imagined. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm dying to have another baby any time soon, or possibly even ever....more

The Husband I are experiencing secondary infertility and are undergoing treatment for it now. I ...more

Under Pressure

For a while this past spring, I decided I was okay with the idea of having another baby. I wanted Emerson to have a sibling, a playmate, and to learn how to share and work together and have patience with a little brother or sister. And then that feeling passed. ...more

About five years ago, before we were married, my husband and I agreed we only wanted one child. ...more