New Book for Kids and their parents To Be Released

News Release First Sun Safety Book For Children Released This Month A Book On Skin Cancer Prevention Reaching Children Soon PROVO, Utah — Skin cancer prevention is no longer just for adults; young children will now have an opportunity to read how to keep themselves protected. After a two year process, the first children's skin cancer prevention book will be available Oct. 11 to students, teachers and parents everywhere. ...more

"Do-Gooder" Companies Supporting the Fight against Skin Cancer

In most cases, I generally avoid perceived endorsements. As the co-founder of 501 [c] [3] non-profit skin cancer education facility, I want to be doubly sure that our efforts to educate youth and communities about sun safety and skin cancer prevention are done with pure intent. Those of us who are members of The Cancer Crusaders Organization volunteer our time, outside of full-time jobs and grad school, because we are passionate about protecting people from skin cancer. This cause is so near and dear to our hearts. We bleed orange-n-yellow for Skin Cancer Awareness! ...more

Sneak Peak: Skin Sense, a book for children

The Cancer Crusaders Organization is pleased to announce the forthcoming debut of Skin Sense, a book for kids and their families. Written by Lori Glickman, a licensed clinical social worker and mother of three young daughters, Skin Sense is the first children's book (illustrated by a Glickman's 10-year-old daughter) that discusses the importance of lifelong sun safety and includes fun, interactive tips for year-round sun protection. ...more

Understanding Ultraviolet Radiation and the necessity of a quality Sunscreen

Since I wrote about Justice Roberts' stance on FDA regulations regarding sunscreen, I have received a variety of emails that indicate a general misunderstanding of sunscreens; how sunscreen works and why a quality broad-spectrum sunscreen is, in fact, a crucial part of savvy sun protection and reducing your risk for skin cancer. ...more

Hi there,
I have recently been researching the benefits of physical sunscreens, and in ...more

How YOU can help someone fight melanoma

Our friends and colleagues at the Melanoma International Foundation asked us to help raise money for melanoma patients in need of care, treatment, and support. Many insurance companies do not cover melanoma skin cancer surgery or treatments, and if you have ever had a loved one battle cancer you know the devastation chemo can cause physically, emotionally, and even financially. ...more

Regulating Sunscreens - Where do you stand?

The FDA has been sauntering on the issue of sunscreen regulation for nearly 30 years. Yet, the Environmental Protection Agency recently sent an email blast to members of its SunWise program that included a news report mentioning the FDA is finally moving closer toward an official position on monitoring sunscreen manufacturers. (Can we say, "It's about time?") ...more

Uncovering the Facts about Sunscreen

Since I extended the offer to disburse free samples of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen out, may individuals across the country have taken me up on the offer. As such, I have heard 100% positive feedback. I have also received numerous questions about sunscreens. My recent Blog entry - Maximizing Sunscreen Efficacy, discusses what ingredients to look for, and how to ensure you're getting optimum protection. Yet, here is a list of commonly asked questions about sunscreens that many people ask: 1. Who needs to use sunscreen? ...more

No simple "chance meeting"

While devouring a plate of Panda Express last week, my brilliant physicist friend, and fellow cancer crusader, Kathleen, reminded me of a special experience that took place last year... ...more

27 is too young to die (so is 24)

It has been difficult to sit down and write this week, especially since my last post about 27-year-old Scarlet and her battle with melanoma. (She had just given birth to a brand new baby girl when melanoma killed her). Just minutes after writing about Scarlet, I received an email from a gal here in Utah by the name of MaryAnn. ...more

This one's for all the Girls...

You would think that after all the phone calls and emails that I receive from people touched by melanoma (and cancer, in general) that I would know exactly what to say to speak comfort, peace, hope, light, friendship, and love to someone's heart. Alas, I find myself, like I did this afternoon, fighting back tears that sting my eyes and sending a silent prayer Heavenward. The only words I know to say are in the form of prayer (and education). ...more