Really, really red hair

As you can see from my picture, my hair is a nice cherry shade of red.It was supposed to be a strawberry blonde or a light auburn. Or something other than flaming red.I followed the directions for timing carefully. I carefully read all the labels on the package of dye to be sure I purchased the correct color. My blonde hair sucked in the redness and decided to "own it"....more

NaBloPoMo - YIKES!!!

Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo - and I didn't realize it until I read someone else's blog post!It's 11:013 here, so technically it's still November 1. I'll do better tomorrow, I promise!A Swirl GirlTraveling through The Swirl World!...more

Want to Save Some Money?

(Photo: Everybody is talking about reducing debt and saving money these days. Most of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or frantically searching for ways to make more money. Well, recently, I found a sure fire way to save money. ...more

Love it (not that you lost your card of course)! I never have cash with me, so I'd be in the ...more

Turning Oops into Opportunity

Everyone has sent out an email with either a mistake or omitted important information. We’re only human and that’s part of our nature. So what happens next? A second email is immediately sent out following the first blast that corrects the previous mistakes....more

Friday Donuts in the Kitchen

I started my blog in between jobs. This meant I was able to write about past jobs without worrying about repercussion. But a month ago I got a new job and well – that’s all I want to write about. However, on week one of my new job I told everyone about my wonderful blog. Well - so … um … now I really don’t think I should write anything inappropriate about my new job. ...more

No Gold Star for McCain's Preschool Plan

Put down those bubbles and get to work, kiddos. You'd better produce some results, or there might not be any money in the budget for next year. ...more

Leading to bad (or just plain wrong) educational policy.  This is how important the issue is, ...more

Accidental Sex with an Ex

It happens. It possibly starts with cuddling. Friends cuddle, no? Then the cuddling escalates to "cuddling". And then there's great sex-possibly greater than the last 5 months of predictable oh-so-comfortably-boring sex. And then it hits you-the realization of "crap. We just had sex, didn't we?".   ...more