Validating Our Teens' and Tweens' Feelings


Who Do You Trust?

NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Monday, March 17, 2014 Who do you trust more: yourself or others?~~~~~~~~Today’s prompt got me to thinking; ‘Who do I trust?’ ‘Myself’?, ‘Others?’ I used to trust easily. I believed that everyone thought like I thought. Guess what? They don’t. That was a hard lesson for me to learn. It kept banging me upside the head, time after time, until I finally caught on. Not only does everyone not think like me, some are very deceitful, evil, and twisted....more

Love Like an Ocean: Diving Deep into Polyamory

Before she knew what polyamory was, she thought she was defective and unfit to be in a relationship. After years of disappointing her partners, she resigned herself to remaining single. And then she discovered that love could take many more forms than monogamy. This is her story. ...more
Kendra, you describe us to a Tee. After being married nudists for 35 years, we were ...more

Calm, Cool and Collected

Stressed? Rushed?...more

Open Your Heart

Pain causes isolation and division. To fight something is to connect to it.  If we are to be connected, why not be connected through forgiveness hope and love?...more

Live Now and Prosper

Lack of knowledge is one of the biggest reasons we don't meet our goals. Not a lack of effort....more

Attract With An Open Mind

"Why didn't I think of that?!"Have you ever noticed how somebody in our everyday life can come up with a solution to something we can't figure out?  Maybe a friend, relative, partner, parent, co-worker or kid says something very insightful and practical to what we are struggling with.  They don't fix the problem for us but they help us see it in a new way.  A fresh perspective opens our minds. Be open and available in your everday life and watch it expand. ...more

Free Open Source Programs for Windows Users

Unfortunately, this list is isolated to PC users (Sorry Macs). I came across a very long list of free open sourced programs for the Windows platform. These programs are free to use and don't require any licensing. ...more

Stripped: Vulnerability In Love ...more