Mom Writes A Letter To Santa

 Dear Santa,...more

Dear Mom, You Were Right...About Everything

 Dear Mom,...more

Every loss is different, every grief is different

Dear Mr Taylor, It came to my notice that you and your bandmates have decided to market your next album under the tagline 'channeling grief into a hit album' - loosely paraphrased. You've dealt with a loss of one of you, and you decided to write about it and - again loosely pharaprased - 'let the fans see that grief is just a process. That you can go past it after a while.'...more

An Open Letter Of Deepest Responsibility and Apology

An Open Letter Of Deepest Responsibility and Apology I won't name names, as to who this is for,  I feel that those people will know who this is for and they will read it. This open letter of deepest apology, goes out to so many people, I don't know if I can even begin to name names, I can only share what is on my heart today. I know that this is going to possibly a can of worms, or a door that I may not want to have opened....more

The Open Letter

Rachel,It’s me again.  You and I speak often but mostly without resolution. I know sometimes you grow tired of what seems like my incessant nagging and purposely do things to shut me up. I get it- I can be hard to swallow. However, it’s time for you to listen and not allow the things I say to push you over the edge. In your own words, it’s time to “soldier up.”...more


Through one of my mommy groups I got wind of this video and could not stop smiling after watching it.   Hope you will enjoy the video by SOULPANCAKE, too. ...more

Dear Miley Cyrus,

With your recent VMAs performance and now the release of your music video for "Wrecking Ball", I've seen everyone from mom bloggers to celebrities begging you to stop your destructive behavior. Your family initally stood behind your actions, but now seem to be refusing to comment any further, leaving the world wondering if they, too, have joined the Anti-Miley movement. Well, Miley, I'm not here to ask you to stop. On the contrary, I'm here to tell you to Keep it up!...more
Ah Miley! I think if we drop it she will burn herself out. She's fulled with rebellion right now ...more

Dear Best Friend's Hubby:

Dear Best Friend's Hubby:...more

My Open Letter To Microsoft: Please Don't Break This Fangirl's Heart

When the Windows Phone 7 was announced I couldn't contain my joy. It brought back the wave of emotions I first experienced when we unwrapped our Windows 95, over two decades ago. I lurked the internet for hours, scanning blogs and tech sites for details on the soon coming WP7. I was met with naysayers, MacHeads, and Android fanatics, assuring me that it would be a waste of money and surely nothing Microsoft does is worth anything at all....more

An Open Letter to President Barak Obama

Dear Mr. PresidentTonight, when you speak to the people of the United States, whom you have diligently, proudly and often times thanklessly led for the past five years, I am hopeful that you will be the example of what we all can be; exemplify the leadership that will heal this great nation’s body and spirit....more