An Open Letter to Baby Houseman Re: Your Relationship with Johnny Castle

I've been struggling with whether or not to write this, because a) how irrelevant can one get, and 2) really, who cares?But it keeps knocking around in my head, so I am going to go for it.How many times have you seen Dirty Dancing? Ten? Fifteen? A hundred? For most of us, it's somewhere within that range. Remember the romance? The intrigue? The lurve?...more

An Open Letter to People Who Write Online Reviews

Dear People Who Write Online Reviews: I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you, for you are the unsung hero, an untapped and nearly flooding reservoir of knowledge....more

If I could write a letter...

One of the primary jobs as a parent is to help your children navigate the tough waters of growing up. Sometimes you can teach them from the mistakes you have made. But other times, they just have to learn these lessons on their own. Those can be the most painful for a parent to get through. We fight the urge to help them through painful situations that we see coming around the bend, yet we know they have to experience them to grow up and mature. ...more

During Adoption School, counselors helped us fully grieve our losses so that we could clearspace ...more