Simple Simon Says

Wow! Let the audio-visual Thanksgiving weekend continue. Can't seem to stop....more
And so here's another show I don't watch, sweet bird. I'm sorry, because what can I contribut ...more

Opera That Dreams are Made of Opera In The Heights Opening Season Party

NYTimes And Hybrid Medical Media Media Exclusive : Robert Graham Ph.D. Reporting Houston GalleriaHouston (AP) Opera That Dreams are Made of "Opera In The Heights" Opening Season PartyOne of Americas Opera Jewels is located in a suburbs of Houston in a intimate setting of a Church....more

Shake It Like Brunhilde – The Opera Bloggers

Opera music is a lot like okra to me. it If I know it is heading my way I run in the opposite direction. I don’t like Opera music. Well, most of it anyway. If it is not wrapped in a Warner Brothers cartoon or some form of animation I suffer. Classical music, yes, rack up some Glenn Gould and I will be happy; that dude could rock the 88’s, classically speaking. ...more

I think for the right person it could be magical night. I've been to one full opera. A'int ...more

Opera Singer Shifts $1,000 to Save the Planet

Elizabeth de Shong makes her living as a professional opera singer. But she's made "green living" a priorityfor herself and her family. ...more

smart vs. pretty

every week or so i get a copy of “the classical post,”minnesota public radio’s e-newsletter. it helps me feel connected to the music scene at home and usually has an interesting human interest story or two. this week’s newsletter featured a blurb about soprano deborah voight, who was featured last year on 60 minutes because she had gastric bypass surgery. ...more