The People Under the Stairs

The People Under The StairsMy Very Real, Very Fake Kidnapping Fantasy ...more

The State of Weddings

A friend and I were talking about this yesterday.  There seems to be an upward trend of our friends (not even mutual friends) to announce their engagement and then not too soon after announce that they eloped/got married at the courthouse and are essentially continuing their daily lives like it didn’t happen.  Like they’re just hanging out with friends the evening of and then going to work, the grocery store, appointments, etc, the next day....more

5 Things to Do Before You Share on Social Media

We all may not agree on much in this world, but I'm sure we can pretty much agree on this: EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Literally, everything. Has this not been one of the worst years in recent memory for violence, death, terrorism, and just overall shittiness? As a result, we're all going on the Internet to share our opinions on all the horrible things. People from different backgrounds and with different beliefs are taking to social media to essentially participate in the broader conversations and speak their mind about everything that's going on. And that's fine. With exceptions. ...more
baddestmotherever right?!  I can't tell you how many times I've gone online in the past 2-3 days ...more

Why This Mom Agrees With John Grisham's Position On Child Pornography

Kids symbolize innocence. They are the most vulnerable demographic. Whenever I hear about crimes against kids I get angry. Having said that, I am trying to understand John Grisham's position on prosecuting persons on child pornography charges....more
Karen Ballum People make stupid mistakes. Whether or not the convicted offender knew what he was ...more


[This topic was inspired by a discussion with some female friends.  Thanks Linda, Shelly, Mary, Vickie, Jody , Zhak, Barra  et al!]Some women take offense to these terms, but not me.  In fact, I embrace them willingly. (Just don't ever call me "girl", otherwise you could be subjected to one of my famous diatribes! More about that later.)...more

To Facebook: A Strongly Worded Diatribe

 Being a progressive humanist in a religiously fundamental and politically conservative community I have learned to expect and live with a fair amount of ignorance from my neighbors and my own family. For many years, to keep the peace, I mostly remained silent. I don't recall a defining, pivotal moment when that changed, but over time it did.Being "different" from most of the people I know, or that I am related to, has kept me deliberately distant and I've tried, sometimes with great difficulty, to keep my opinions to myself. And then along came Facebook....more

If You Can’t Google a Question, You Should Thumb

Have you ever had a question that you wanted to have a mass opinion on? If you have ever sat and wondered whether or not you can wear socks with sandals and still look fashionable…fear not, now there’s an app for that. ...more
Ohhh I'm about to thumb it Michelle!! Lolmore

Give Em an Inch and They'll Take a Mile

So awhile back I had read that Mayor Bloomberg had wanted to pass a law banning restaurants, bars, etc of serving anything over 16oz or face a fine. Well today that just passed.While I am sure the intentions behind this new law are good I definitely feel the government is overstepping their boundaries. Yes I realize carbonated and alcoholic beverages are bad and can lead to obesity but at the same time YOU should be able to decide if you want to drink it NOT the government....more

Mind Your Own Boobies!!!

Strong Opinionated Rant alert......more
 @nikonMomThanks for the support - it looks like we think the same way!   more