I am done being "afraid"...

Sometimes, I feel life teaches you in the most funniest of ways.  Source : Google Images When it gives you a...more

The Right Thing to Say When Someone Mentions Parenting Choices, Breastfeeding, Circumcision and More...

So you're with a soon-to-be Dad and he mentions that they'll be circumcising their son. What do you say?You see a woman breastfeeding on a mall bench. What do you say?You're chatting with a friend about her experiences with bottle feeding. What do you say?Your friend tells you how his family co-sleeps. What do you say?You see a parent giving a baby a pacifier. What do you say?You watch a crying baby in a stroller. What do you say?Your friend is having lunch with you, when she cracks open a jar of baby food for her 4 month old. What do you say?...more

The thin line between writing about what you know and what you think you know...

Ooooh, this blogging world...thine are but a tricky mistress......more

What Your Job Can Teach You About Yourself

If there were one question I could ask all my friends -- near and far -- it would be this: "What has your work life taught you?" ...more

Play It Safe or Take Riskslife,

If you play safe there wouldn’t be any danger.Read more... ...more

funny cosmetic stories GONE WRONG

QUESTION OF THE DAY ????   So I have told everyone about my mistake with wax strips No I'd like to hear everybody else's nightmares with cosmetics (doesnt mat...more

Hell In a Handbasket...

  This country is going to hell in a handbasket. I love that saying. I don't know why! Especially since I don't even believe that there is in fact a "hell". I'm a visual person, so when I say this I think of a handbasket (you know, the kind that Dorothy used to carry Toto around in) but filled with miniature sized people, being held by a creepy long arm with long yellow fingernails, (the kind that curl at the ends), and we are all being lowered into a fiery inferno....more

If you're making people angry, are you doing something right?

I just got my first angry comment on a blog post.I guess it was inevitable. At some point, you're going to say something someone disagrees with.But what baffles me is that my post was all about tolerance and justice and considering every viewpoint. I'm pretty sure the commenter didn't read my post. You can decide for yourself here....more

Baby tech: List of my fave baby items

We were among the first of our friends to have a baby, almost 8 yrs ago. Now that more of them are heading into parenthood, we've been requested to put together a list of our favourite things and the items we thought to be completely useless.I wanted to store it somewhere for posterity, so where better than online? So I posted the list on Google Docs and made it public: Baby equipment....more

Top 10 Comedies, {more or less}