You, me, us

 * This only applies if you find lewd humor about genitals amusing.Talking to other couples, I’ve realized that most of the best relationships are comprised of seeming opposites.Is there truth to the ‘opposites attract’ myth?In my opinion, no....more
renewyou2 The dichotomy certainly can grate on us here as well. I try to look at it positively, ...more

How To Stay Married During an Election Year

My husband and I strongly disagree on who we support this year in the presidential election. I have to remind him daily that we can disagree on politics and still love each other. It keeps getting more difficult, he takes it (my opinion) so personally....more
@jpage.manuel at least you share the same views! an Obama bumper sticker on my car will never ...more

When Opposites Attract

Remember the days of that sizzling hot/heart-thumping/I’ve never felt this way before/best sex you’ve ever had in your life/can’t eat, can’t sleep, “can’t live without” relationship that you had? Census bureau says it probably turned into a baby, or two...or three. And that, like it or not, is biologically speaking the foremost reason you felt all of that off-the-hook, head-over-heels/knock-your-lights-out chemistry....more

So true! I am in the midst of ending one of these relationships. My husband and I have been ...more

Not an Ideal Match

The first stage of grief when a long-term relationship ends is giddiness. Or maybe that's me. I became single and ready to mingle. Take me out! Buy me a drink! Set me up, people! Except, it then struck me how difficult it would be to meet anyone when you never leave the house and am needed by three children who are much more important.So I signed up for a free trial with