Interviewing Oprah: Don't Get Caught Up in My Hype

There is a thin line between tooting your own horn and being the Kanye West of bragging so hard people want to punch you in the face....more
How courageous of you to "share the ugly parts." It's so easy to forget that, in social spaces, ...more

Who Decides What is Racist?

#solidarityisforwhitewomen trended on Twitter today. I have no idea if the hashtag has anything to do with the story about Oprah and the Sales woman in Zurich but it sure got me thinking. Who decides what racism is? Is it the person claiming to have been discriminated aganst, or the person accused of being racist?...more

It Keeps Oprah Grounded

It seems that Oprah was racially profiled. A Swiss store clerk took a look at the incredibly rich Oprah and decided she couldn't possibly afford the $38,000 purse sitting on a high shelf. Not worth the trouble of finding the stepstool and getting it down.  The clerk waved Oprah and her money off. Oprah left, taking her bulging wallet somewhere else where the salespeople weren't so prone to underestimating customers. I say good for her and good for us. It seems that Oprah was racially profiled....more

Grateful - Gratitude Journal

An old high school friend had started a Grateful/Gratitude Journal. This was probably two years ago. She had survived a car accident. She went through a lot as a result of that accident. So, she started a Grateful Journal. She actually did it with her son. I always thought it was a wonderful thing to do, but had never made the time to do it myself....more

Rihanna to Oprah: Her Post-Abuse Relationship With Chris Brown (Trigger Alert)

It seems like everyone has an opinion about it. Seeing those photos of Rihanna's bruised, swollen face at the hands of then-boyfriend Chris Brown struck a chord in many of us that continues to reverberate. It's no surprise, then, that three years later the events following Clive Davis's 2009 pre-Grammy bash still continue to surface in the pop culture conversation...On Oprah's Next Chapter, Rihanna opened up to Mama O, confessing, among other things, that she forgives Brown and loves him, although they're not dating at this time....more
For those of you capable of comprehending the depth of human misery as opposed to the ...more

[Video] From TEDxWomen: Gayle King Talks to Pat Mitchell

Emmy Award–winning journalist Gayle King took the stage of The Paley Center Tuesday night....more

I Am The Product Of Oprah Parenting

One of my favorite guests, Mattie, With Oprah.Oprah is jokingly referred to as the “third parent” of my family. It is not meant to diminish my parents physical presence or active roles in my life....more


 I really cant say i was ever a fan and i never sat and watched her shows.But this was crisis time and every woman knows that when the cards are stacked against you, you turn to your people.For me it was Oprah and my Gynecologist Dr. Brooks....more