Almost Oprah Chai

Inspired by the newly-released Oprah Chai, my hot and spicy Almost Oprah version makes a wonderful morning pick me up or a welcome afternoon treat (minus the extreme packaging!)If you haven’t tried making your own chai, it’s as simple as assembling the ingredients, but a good loose leaf tea strainer or a pot with one built-in is also key. These ingredients should be pretty easy to find in bulk in most health food stores, but if you don’t have a good local option nearby, Mountain Rose Herbs is a wonderful online source.Ingredients...more

Sorry Brené - I quit the e-course

You should not be surprised to learn that I have quit the Brené Brown e-course…..……about three weeks ago. I just wasn’t feeling it.  I wasn’t connecting with the book or the course material.  And by the third week, I was dreading it.  While I did really enjoy the watercolor portion, that was it.  Everything else, I disliked. When I do something, I want to be excited for it.I still love Brené, but this course just wasn’t for me.You understand, right? ...more
Karen Ballum Exactly!  It went well the first week, and then it just didn't click anymore.more

Oprah's Yard Sale: How Much Would You Pay to Own Something That Belonged to Oprah?

Oprah Winfrey is our ruler, there is no denying it. We may think she is hibernating sometimes in the years since her show went off the air, but nope: We will still jump when Oprah says jump, and we will still go wherever she tells us and probably buy what she tells us should our bank accounts allow for it. Which is why, of course, Oprah’s yard sale this weekend made $600,000....more
I don't know what has happened to Oprah, but I wouldn't go 50 miles near that sale.  Good lord, ...more

Somebody Stole All My Money

So yesterday, someone stole all of my money and then, in my mind, skipped all around their house as they purchased various electronic devices and pieces of stylish clothing online....more
1. I am thinking good banking thoughts for you. 2. You should totally do the challenge, mainly ...more

What I Felt Watching Oprah Interview Lance Armstrong

I felt nothing.  That was my reaction to watching the much ballyhooed two-part Oprah Winfrey interview with Lance Armstrong.  The big frenzy turned out to be a little fizzle.Yes, Armstrong admitted to doing wrong, very wrong, and to doing it often....more

[Video] Apparently Oprah's Next Chapter Includes The Kardashian Family

I LOVE Oprah and always will, but I gotta admit I was one of those wondering what on earth she was doing interviewing the Kardashian Family. They're overexposed as it is, I hardly think there's anything else we really need to know about them.Well, Oprah took to OWN's official Facebook page to answer the million dollar question that all inquiring minds, including me, wanted to know!!!  WHY THE KARDASHIANS?!...more
50 cent. Now the Kardashians. Definitely signs her network's not doing to well. more

Mother Nature's Wrath: What Will You Do?

The weather on the East Coast is lousy today. It has been lousy for weeks (feels like months) now. I’m very tempted to hold a pity party as my efforts to enjoy the backyard are thwarted at every turn. Even the most heartless among us would let out a giant guffaw at my moaning about the weather in the Northeast. My heart breaks for the people of Joplin, MO and the victims of so many other tornadoes and flooding throughout the central United States. My husband wondered aloud this morning if the current spate of natural disasters were worse or more numerous than usual....more