The Day I Came Face to Face with Oprah Winfrey.

In 1985, Hollywood was all abuzz about an upcoming movie called The Color Purple.Anything that Steven Spielberg touched was destined to be successful, and I was thrilled to see one of my favorite writers, Alice Walker, also affiliated with the project.I was very interested in the movie’s cast, which included a host of well-known actors and actresses of color, in numbers that I couldn’t remember seeing since the movie Roots....more

Pharrell Takes Over the World

In case you missed it, Pharrell Williams got something in his eye when he sat down to talk to Oprah the other day. It is pretty amazing how infectious his song "Happy" is. It is definitely striking a chord with people all over the world." ... people are putting up their own videos. It was, like, no longer my song." ...more

Barneys Racial Profiling Accusations: More Complicated Than an Apology to Jay-Z

On October 29th, the CEO of Barneys apologized for alleged racial profiling at the luxury department store. Mark Lee met with Reverend Al Sharpton at Sharpton’s National Action Headquarters in New York to hold a press conference about the claims that racial profiling was behind the police questioning of two African-Americans after they purchased expensive items....more
Frankly I'm a bit disappointed in Mr. Carter.  Maybe I'm all up in my feelings for no reason but ...more

Please accept my regrets

Have you ever wondered why people say that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead? Maybe it’s because they can’t talk back and actually set the record straight. Whatever the reason, funerals are normally filled with glowing tributes to the one who has passed on....more

Viola Davis On Colorism

Huffington Post Fails with Teaser for Oprah Breast Cancer Scare

Dear Huffington Post: It's not okay to minimize a breast cancer scare. Yes, Oprah Winfrey is powerful, and yes, she is struggling to save her OWN venture and her magazine, and it's true that due to her power and influence, she often has been the punchline of jokes, but under no circumstances should anyone make light of her or anyone else's experience with a breast cancer scare....more
"The Huffington Post has its Black Voices, Latino Voices, women's section, and Gay Voices, but ...more

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Oprah, and Reality Show Vixens: Do We Need Black Role Models?

A couple of months ago, Oprah's Lifeclass: The Tour made a stop in my hometown. I was completely unaware about the stop until two days prior to the event, when I got a frantic text from a friend. “Girl, did you get your tickets to Oprah’s Lifeclass????” ...more
I have always questioned why the culture seem to think that black people need these public role ...more

Whitney Houston


Wearing tampons as shoes will not win you Oprah's love. Not even close.

James and I own a teeny tiny restaurant in a really, really old building.  The plumbing is stupid, as most plumbing in old buildings is.  I don't want to get into too many details, but about an hour after I got to work tonight I smelled like a sewer, I was covered in black sludge, my lips were blue and I had bar towels taped around my feet. I went in the bathroom and scrubbed some of the black sludge off of me, and doused myself in diffuser oil to cover the smell. As I walked out, one of our customers stopped me......more

A Weekend With Oprah - Living My Best Life

I am still on a high from my weekend in Atlanta. It was honestly, game changing....more
It looks like you had an amazing time!more