Mostly Beautiful -- How I Am Learning to Love Life

Good morning -- Fast post this morning to mark what I think was a turning point for me yesterday. There was a moment after work when I was walking uptown along Broadway from about Times Square until the mid 60s. On my right, I could see the treetops of Central Park. To my left, the big ball of sun was setting on the Hudson River....more

Why I'll Miss "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

The Oprah Winfrey Show is over and I've used up the last of Kleenex. Before watching the show, I had all kinds of things I planned to say about why I’ll miss Oprah’s daily hour of love, laughter, pathos, confession, inspiration and enlightenment. But what I wanted to write changed after watching the show....more

You're right, for someone who didn't have children, Oprah was smart enough to remember that a ...more

8 Hypocrisies of Oprah

What I’m about to say goes against everything sacred and holy to Oprah fans.  And by fans, I don’t just mean viewers. ...more

Oprah's Farewell Spectacular

WOW! I can't contain the excitement generated from Oprah's Farewell Spectacular show! Oprah's Farewell Shows have been huge! Full of love, inspiration, contemplation and recognition....more

Oprah's Family Secret...

I'm sure everybody knows by now, Oprah has a sister! Family secrets were exposed today on The Oprah Show by none other than Ms. Winfrey herself. Oprah had hinted in pre-show sound bites that her upcoming Monday Show would expose a secret that left her "speechless". Well, now that's old news already as the show has aired and we all know the deal as far as the family wants to open it up to the eyes of the world. ...more

I get what you're saying, Margaret. I'm hopeful that Patricia and her new family will be happier ...more

Oprah's OWN Kicks Off the New TV Year

Last weekend's launch of Oprah Winfrey's new cable TV network, OWN, was a milestone in TV history and Oprah history: a self-made, black woman starting her own television network using her personal life lessons as the guiding vision for all the programming. It's all Oprah, all the time, even when she's not actually in the show you're watching. Based on the few shows I've sampled, Oprah's off to a flying start. ...more

We are on the same system and have the same problem. I found OWN over the weekend on Comcast On ...more

An Ironic Wreck with the Teens

My son, Griffin, recently received his driver's license.  I am the mother of a licensed driver!!!  How the hell did this happen?On the way to pick Griffin from the DMV, I decided to invite some friends to dinner to celebrate our new driver....more

There Is No Better Time Than NOW To Take The Plunge…

Into an endless sea of opportunity! I have a few questions for you: Do you wake up Monday morning and wish it were Friday already? Do you feel unsatisfied with your current job and wish you had more flexibility? Are you tired of getting a paycheck for doing something you hate? Are you a stay-at-home mom who is antsy to finally do something for herself? Are you a professional who is looking to change career paths entirely? Are you burning out in the corporate world?<...more

Bloggers on Oprah’s Reality Show: Did You Audition?

You've heard of the great reality TV show hunt? The one with the prize being your own show on Oprah's new network, OWN (for Oprah Winfrey Network)? If not, Melissa Ford has the back story. ...more

Congratulations, Liz and good luck!