Me, Mom and Oprah at the Live Your Best Life Weekend

This year for her birthday, my mother didn't get a card, a gift or even dinner out. She got Oprah. Last weekend was the 10th anniversary of O magazine, and to celebrate, Oprah threw a big party in New York called the Live Your Best Life Weekend, with talks by Suze Orman, Donna Brazile, Nate Berkus, Dr. Oz, Martha Beck and other writers from O magazine -- plus Oprah herself, of course. ...more
@BigGirlRockin Glad to know you were there!  And very glad you had a good time.  Thanks for ...more

What Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Taught me About Same-Sex Marriage

Disclaimer: I'm not a lesbian and I will never be one. I've always respected the sexual orientation of others, though. In my freshperson year at Dillard University, I had to write an argumentative essay on same-sex adoption. Even though most of my classmates were against it, I was for it. I couldn't really tell you why I was for it. I just know that I thought it was wrong to deny people parenthood just because you assume their sexual orientation makes them unfit....more

The Bucket List

I must be unconsciously thinking about my mortality this week, because Wednesday’s Blog was about aging, and now I’ve created my Bucket List. I watched the movie “The Bucket List” last night, and cried for two straight hours. What a fabulous movie. But my bucket list, (everything I want to do before I “kick the bucket”) is really a Hodge Podge of the realistic, the possible and the improbable. I wanted to share mine and encourage you to make your own....more

Erica Diamond is Writing a Book!

So, as you know, last week I announced I was writing a book. What could she possibly be writing about, you may have thought? Well it turns out this opportunity presented itself and I just couldn’t pass it up. It was everything I absolutely know and love, and have 15 years experience in. WOMEN, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, BUSINESS AND BALANCE....more

Can Women Have It All?

Of course women CAN’T have it all! You tell me one person who has absolutely everything! Perfectionism is an illusion of the mind. Today’s Blog post is about the women who try and have it all, and then go into therapy when they realize that it’s virtually impossible. ...more

Oprah Pulls The Plug On "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

Since yesterday, we knew the official public announcement was coming and today we got it.  Oprah Winfrey announced on a live broadcast that she will end  "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2011 after 25 years. After much prayer and months' of careful thought, I've decided next season, season 25, will be the last season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show. With those words, the most powerful woman in television shook up not only the daytime TV world, but the TV world as a whole. ...more

Sharon Rose Sugar is the the author of the more

Lee Daniels digestivo, "I'm a little euro, homo and ghetto".


Dear Vita,

Still so moved by this story, just listened to the novel on ...more

Oprah Winfrey''s Double Standard on Domestic Violence

I am not an Oprah fan….. ...more

The Oprah Winfrey Show - [BEYOND] The Diane Schuler Story

I watched the titled Oprah show, yesterday, and was struck on so many, many fronts, but the two I'm going to talk about in this post have nothing to do with the Diane Schuler Story. They relate to the portions of the show that followed that segment....more

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