Dr. Oz on Oprah: Calorie Restriction Diet & Extreme Life Extension.

Would you like to live to 100 years and beyond?  Dr. Oz and other medical experts believe that a calorie restriction diet can help people to live longer with a higher quality of life. The calorie restriction diet also focuses on consuming calories that provide a high nutritional value, not just low calorie. ...more
@terminusest Thank you for your informative post. I am glad you dispelled some of the myths ...more

A mother’s work is never done

It is every mom’s wish to have happy, healthy and well cared for children, but sometimes in the pursuit of perfection, we forget to slow down. With endless days filled with meetings, luncheons, doctor’s appointments and kids’ activities, it’s hard to cram everything I do into a 24-hour period. It is no wonder working moms feel overwhelmed. ...more

Death of Oprah's Puppy Raises Questions, Such As ...Is This News?

Between Oprah's dog, Gracie, choking to death on a ball last summer and Martha Stewart's chow, Genghis Khan, recently perishing in a kennel fire - it's been a hazardous stretch for celebrity pooches. Now, Oprah has also lost one of her 8-week-old puppies, Ivan, to Parvovirus. ...more

I didn't know oprahs dog gracie died last summer. I heard about the puppy and parvo. Any puppy ...more

Midlife Apocalypse: Oprah's Plugging Facebook

Here's the joke: Even Barbie's had a Facebook midlife crisis. What do you mean who's Barbie? I mean Mattel's Barbie of course! Has Oprah joined her? ...more

... for finding and referencing me.

As I wrote in my post, I have a love/hate thing ...more

Woman in the Mirror: Why Don't We Love Her?

When I posted an earlier version of this reflection on how we women are too hard on ourselves, a concept I revisit periodically, I was surprised that immediately following the post at my personal blog, two women dropped by to say, "Amen!" It was one of those days when I was writing to speak to myself and not so much to others, reminding myself that I have more work to do on the path of self-acceptance so I can enjoy the view. ...more

You know what the scariest part of this is?

It doesn't stop with us. It all pours ...more

My open letter to Oprah

Oprah babysat me for ten years. I came home from school, grabbed a diet coke and a chocolate fudge pop tart (ooooh, the irony!), and sat down to watch Oprah. Every stinkin day. I was a latchkey kid, but I had my Oprah. Have watched her for decades now, read her book picks, listened to her epiphanies, taken her Dr. Oz's medical advice, decorated according to Nate's rules. I have listened, Oprah, my friend. However, I am a bit upset, so bear with me, friend.  ...more

Oprah's advice to Rihanna

If he hit you ONCE, he will HIT YOU AGAIN! This 5 minute video captures the conversations held around the country. Rihanna is the victim of horrendous domestic violence (her mouth was filled with blood, she bent over to avoid fists in her face, he bit her). ...more

Happy is as Happy Does: Kick Roadblocks to the Curb

This is my third post on happiness, if I don't count posts that alluded to maintaining that happy feeling. All this introspection is killing me, but I'm one of those people who thinks the universe has something to teach us. So, when I consistently get the same request, to write on a certain topic, visit a certain place, pay attention to a certain person, I think perhaps I should fulfill that request. ...more

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